Maple Sap and Turkey Tail

As the summer heat turns the milkweed to amber, I know that its just a month or two before the leaves will begin to turn to the gorgeous colors of fall.  One of my favorite colors in our Prairie Paint Fall Collection is Maple Sap. 

The color Maple Sap is like a rich, deep orange-ish, golden brown that can be found in the crisp leaves of fall or an heirloom pumpkin.  Whenever I am painting a fall design and need an orange, I reach for Maple Sap.  I do love our Pumpkin Patch color for brighter, vintage inspired oranges, but Maple Sap has a deep, richness that makes whatever I'm painting "orange" gorgeous. 

Below you can see the color prior to adding our Prairie Paints Finishing Wax.  Our Prairie Paints are a thick gel-chalk paint that was specially formulated to go on with one coat coverage and no-run applications.  It is perfect for painting interior furniture, cabinetry, accessories and yes, barn quilts! Our customers love this paint and we love sharing it with you.

With fall coming quickly, we are adding all of our fall patterns, kits, barn quilts and stitching kits to the site.  You will find several new patterns and kits that are perfect for the fall season.  Our Turkey Tail Barn Quilt is one of my favorite new designs and is stunning in so many color combinations, but my favorite is the one pictured below.  

Turkey Tail is available in a pattern, kits and as a framed-over barn quilt in four sizes.  The sample above is painted in Maple Sap, Hay Down, Cattle Drive Coffee, Homestead White, and Over the Pond.  

This week all of our Prairie Paint Collection is on sale.  No codes needed.  You will get 20% off on all orders over $30.00.  This includes our Finishing Wax and Gel-Chalk Powder that turns any paint into a thick, gorgeous chalk paint.  We hope you enjoy shopping in our Online Shop and find the colors you want to get your fall painting on!

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