New York Beauty

I was raised on a farm in upstate New York and my heart will always be there.  So it is no wonder that the New York Beauty is one of my favorite quilts.  With our trip back to visit family we had to paint it on wood and photograph it up on Olmstead Hill looking over the family farm.  

Painting barn quilts has become an expression of remembrance and love for me.  I paint many custom designs for people who want to choose designs or colors that have significance to them.  Knowing that my favorite quilt is also from my home state, I had to design a barn quilt that could be photographed in my most loved place.  

Just over the top of the barn quilt is the homestead and two blue Harvester silos.  All that stands of the barns in a metal pole barn built in the 70's.  The home, orchards and woods are still in the family.  The design for this New York Beauty takes elements of different points of light and color and brings them together into a central design that is mesmerizing and all together beautiful. 

New York Beauty Barn Quilt

It represents for me personally all the many memories and stories that shape who our Lyke family is.  i love this design and I am so happy to share this with you today.
I am working with our wood designer to create a pre-printed wood design for kits and a template for the pattern.  They should be here by the first of October.  

For now, orders are open for the full painted and framed beautiful New York Beauty Barn Quilt.  I hope you have a wonderful day and can take inspiration from this design to see the beauty in your own story.  We all have one, and they are all beautiful in their unique crazy way.  

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