Garden Blessing Flower Barn Quilt

With snow melting on the mountain we are beginning to see the beginnings or spring with a little color peaking out here and there in our gardens so it is time to give our beautiful Garden Blessings Flower Barn Quilt it's right place on the white farm wall.  

We have added these floral barn quilts to The Shop this week along with patterns and DIY Garden Blessing Floral Barn Quilt Kits for our amazing DIY barn quilters.  Custom colors can be requested in both the painted barn quilts and the kits so you can have the blooms you love the most!

This week all of our barn quilt kits are 15% off with the code BQKits.  They come with the paints, brushes, framed barn quilt boards, gloves, sandpaper, and sealer you need to complete a gorgeous barn quilt for your home or barn this spring!  The sale ends on Sunday, February 28th so don't wait.  You will want this Garden Blessing Flower and a few others while they are on sale!

Many blessings for a great week!

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Old Mill Barn Quilt

With the turning of steel and wood cogs the Old Mill along the river would turn little grains into sacks of beautiful flour, long stalks into oats and anything cracked was much tastier after it's time at the mill.   Our newest barn quilt is and original design, inspired by the elements of the cogs and wheels that turned in unison.  

The Old Mill Barn Quilt is new in The Shop today.  There are four sizes of the framed barn quilt ready to come to your home.  Each of our barn quilts are hand painted with our exclusive Prairie Paints, on reclaimed wood and then framed in walnut stained wood.  Finally they are sealed so they will stay beautiful for years to come whether you hang them inside or out.

The Old Mill Barn Quilt pattern is also available on in our shop along with a Old Mill Barn Quilt Kit with everything you need to paint a 24" barn quilt of your own.  I love this pattern and can't wait to sew this one into a big beautiful quilt.  So, watch for that to come soon.  

This week we are having our Swoon Sale with 20% savings on every order and class registration.  Go to The Shop and use code Swoon at checkout.  The sale runs through Monday the 15th!  This is a perfect time to check out our virtual and in-person class schedules for this year and get your friends to sign up with you!  

We hope you love this Old Mill design as much as we do!  There is just something fabulous about simple lines and subdued colors.  The sample above was painted in our Prairie Paints Old Crow, Pigeon Cove, and Homestead White.

Many Blessings!

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Swoony Heart Barn Quilt

Our hearts are "swooning" over the newest barn quilt in the Tweetle Dee family, The Swoony Heart Barn Quilt!  We are in love with these Poppy Pink and Rooster Red points around this darling heart.   You can find this barn quilt painted and ready to hang In The Shop today!

Swoony Heart Barn Quilt

This Framed Over barn quilt comes in three sizes a 22", 33" and a big 44".  Hangers are included.  Each of our barn quilts are hand drawn and painted on reclaimed wood and then sealed for indoor or outdoor display.  As always, custom colors are available!

Swoony Heart Barn Quilt Pattern

We also have this pattern available In The Shop for purchase in full color with directions for making your own Swoony Heart Barn Quilt.  Patterns come as a PDF Download or a print copy.  In addition, we have full DIY Swoony Heart Barn Quilt Kits that include everything you need to paint your own barn quilt.  Frame, paints, tape, heat pen, brushes and sealer.  

So whatever your fancy, there is a Swoony Heart ready to come to you!  Use code Swoon this week for 20% off your orders.  

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Mrs. Stuart's Chocolate Cake

In the little town of Howard, New York there lived a lady named Mrs. Stuart.  Her darling little grey house was on the corner and across the street from the one church in town.   She and my grandmother were friends and she passed the most delicious chocolate cake recipe to my grandmother, Mildred Lyke in the 1940's.  This recipe has been baked and loved by the Lyke family even since.  

It is served for birthdays and celebrations of all kinds.  This past Saturday was my Grandma Lyke's 106th birthday and though she has passed, we still celebrate her special day by doing the things that remind us of her.  So, after a long walk in the woods & a trip to the nursery to buy a Jade plant (one of her favorites), and bringing home a Cardinal, and having some laughs with our kids...I stayed up late to bake grandma's cake.  

You will love this chocolate cake!  It is so dense with chocolate and so moist and rich.  It is easy to see why this cake has been baked for more than 80 years.  One bite and I was instantly transported to my childhood on the farm with my family.  Isn't it wonderful how one bite can do that?  

I have made this cake from scratch many times and will give you a little hint that my Aunt Sonnie told me....never use an electric mixer with this recipe.   The first time I made this cake, I followed her advice and the cake was over the top amazing.  The second & third time, I used my stand mixer because I didn't see the big deal about making it from scratch.   The times I used an electric was bready and dry.  When I follow my Aunt's is perfect every time!  Just sayin, cause I know there will be someone who will try it and I testify that my Aunt's advice is true.  Amen!

Mrs. Stuart's Chocolate Cake

1/2 Cup Cocoa
1/2 Cup Soft Butter
2 Cups White Sugar
3 Eggs
1 Tsp Vanilla
1/2 Cup Cream
Dash of Vinegar
2 Cups Sifted Flour
1 Tsp. Baking Soda
Pinch of Salt
1 Cup Boiling Water

Place the butter, sugar, vanilla and cocoa together in a large bowl.  Separate the yolks from the whites and add the yolks to the large bowl with the other ingredients.  Save the whites in a separate bowl for later.  Add a dash of vinegar to the heavy cream and let sit for a few minutes.  This will sour the milk.  Add the sour milk to the other ingredients and mix by hand.  (I love to use a Dutch Whisk for this, but a spoon will do.  Just be sure to mix gently.  Add the boiling water and mix again until smooth.  
Whip the egg white to fluffy peaks and fold in to the batter.

Preheat the oven to 325 degrees.  Never use an electric mixer!  Bake in an 9" x 13" glass greased pan for 1 hour or until a toothpick comes out clean.  

**This was a favorite in the Lyke fanily.  This old recipe was given to Mildred Lyke by Mrs. Stuart lived in the gray house on the corner, across from the church.**  

Favorite Recipes, Howard Bicentennial Cookbook

There isn't a frosting recipe with the cake, but I made my Cocoa Cream Cheese Frosting which is amazing with the decadent cake!

Cocoa Cream Cheese Frosting

1/2 Cup Soft Butter
1 Package of Soft Cream Cheese
1/4 Cup Milk
2 Teas. Vanilla
1/4 cup Cocoa
 4 Cups Powdered Sugar

In your mixer beat until smooth the butter, cream cheese, vanilla, and cocoa.  Add the powdered sugar and mix well.  With the mixer going, slowly add the milk until the frosting is smooth.  Add more milk or powdered sugar until you get the consistency you love.

I promise you this cake is worth the love and effort it takes to make it by hand.  I'm not sure why it works best by hand, unless it is the love.  Maybe this is why this cake has been made for so many special occasions in our family, or why one bite transports me back to my good childhood memories.  It was served when we were together, laughing and sharing our love.  

Many blessings...

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Handstitched Love Grams

I love Valentine's Day!  It is such a fun way to share a little love with friends, kiddos and sweethearts.  Maybe it's because it comes during winter and we seem to have more time to craft, but I like to hand make my Valentine's.  A handmade valentine takes me back to grade school.  These handstitched Love Grams are so easy to make.  They are simple and can be made by anyone whether you are new to embroidery or a seasoned stitcher.

Our Love Grams are what you would call a multi-medium craft project.  Multi-medium meaning you use lots of different types of arts to make one amazing piece!  The base for these love-notes is a very inexpensive painters canvas that you can pick up at any craft section or hobby store.  They come in all sizes, so you can make one littlie bitty or big.  The size I used was the 5" x 7".  I wanted it big enough to slide into a shipping envelope and wall or easel sized for display.

With the canvas paint boards, you can paint, glue or stitch through them.  Yes, I said stitch!  Needles go right through the canvas with no effort at all which makes it easy to embroidery on.

Love Gram Materials

Canvas Paint Boards
Scraps of Fabric
Large Crewel Needle
DMC Pearl Cotton Thread
Glue Stick
Pinking Shears
Buttons, Pins, Lace or Ribbon
Frixion Pen

Gather your supplies and put on a good movie and get ready to have some fun!  With your canvas in front of you, measure the height of you want your base heart.  Use a Frixion heat sensitive pen to trace out the shape of a heart.  I like to do this by folding a piece of fabric in half and trace the half shape of the heart.  I use Pinking Shears (zig zag scissors) to cut the heart shape out.  I like to use the Pinking Shears because the zig zag edge gives a raw look and keeps your edges from fraying.

Turn the heart over and use a glue stick to adhere the fabric heart to the canvas.  The glue dries and holds the fabric scraps in place fairly quickly while you stitch it down.  I try to glue about 1/4" from the edge.  

Layer other strips of fabric, fussy cut flowers or other designs on top of each other with the glue stick.  Let set for an hour or so.  

The stitching is so simple!  I use a long crewel needle with a large eye.  This allows me to use thicker threads that stand up on top of the stitching and have a more vintage look.  For these Love Grams I used Pearl Cotton 5 from DMC.  This is a twisted thread that looks thick and so pretty on hand stitched projects.  You can find Pearl Cotton at most craft stores.

To begin stitching, cut a length about 3 feet long.  Thread one end through the needle and pull through so one foot is through the needle.  Tie a simple knot in the long end of the string.  To start stitching, hold the canvas in one hand and with the other hold the needle and come from underneath through to the top (under to the top).

The stitches that I used for these Love Grams is inspired by the Sachiko stitching that is very visible and  meant to be boldly seen.  Rough, imperfect stitching with x's and tack stitching.  Uneven rows of simple dashes.  These simple stitching look vintage and are so beautiful on layered fabrics.  Have fun with the tacking down of edges, make a few x's in random spots.  If you are unsure, use your Frixion pen to draw on where you want to stitch.  (Frixion pen removes with heat.)  

You can see up close how imperfect the stitches are on the above heart.   I love them together to make something that looks patched and well loved, which every heart should be!

On the envelope Love Gram I drew the straight lines on with my Frixion pen and did a straight stitch to make a continuous line.  For the lettering, I also used the Frixion pen and stitched the letters on.  If you are unsure about this, you an substitute handstitched lettering with button letter tiles or buttons.  As well, you could hand letter on cardstock and stitch the paper to the fabric and canvas just as you stitched on the fabric hearts and patches.  Remember, this is a multi-medium project so be creative!

On the return label heart I wanted to stitch a couple of roses to match the rose fabric on the stamp.  I used the wagon wheel rose stitch that can be found on the Tweetle Dee Design YouTube channel.  I stitched down some buttons for embellishment and tacked down some little jewelry pieces for fun.   

When you are finished with the stitching and embellishment, tie off your threads on the back and print off a message for your Valentine, and tuck it onto the back under the wood.  You can print the lyrics to a favorite song or a poem, whatever you print or write will be a gift as well as your hand stitched heart.  

I even made some little minis with small glued and tacked fabric hearts and one with a iron on patch from the fabric store.  I added a strip of ribbon across them and slid a darling hair pin across as an extra gift.  On the back I glued a little love message.  The total cost including the hair pin was under 4$.  

To watch my KUTV Fresh Living interview on these darling handstitched Love Grams tune in on Friday, January 22.  I'll be sharing how to add little gifts to your Love Gram and make it something unforgettable.  

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New Online Classes

We are excited to announce a new set of online Zoom classes coming in February!  So many of you have expressed interest in attending our How to Paint a Barn Quilt Workshop but due to distance were not able to attend.  Now you can through the miracle of online classes.  

Amish Star Barn Quilt Zoom Class
February 20th

Our classes registrations are live in The Shop and include the instruction and a complete kit needed to make the project.  The Amish Star Barn Quilt Kit includes your choice of two Prairie Paint colors and all materials needed to make a 24" framed barn quilt.  This will be such a fun class!  We can't wait to paint with you across the nation.

Wildwood Embroidery Zoom Class
February 6th 

Our Wildwood Embroidery Zoom Class is coming up quickly on February 6th.  This is a fun variation on cloth embroidery with come of the traditional embroidery stitches and a few new ones too!  This will be a fun class to bring your friends and family to.  It's simple and sweet and everyone loves the unique experience of embroidery on wood!  

We hope you will join us for these two classes.  This past year we missed seeing your smiling faces in across country classes, so this year we are bringing them to you wherever you may be.  There are six other classes on the website ready for registration, so go sign up.  We will ship your kits prior to the class with a link to the online workshop.  

Remember to keep celebrating, dreaming and creating!  It's been a challenging season and we all need a little lift that can come from creating together.  Sending love and hope your way.  xo

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Our Year in Review

The week in between the Christmas Holiday and New Year's our time as a family to review the previous year, to count our blessings and look forward to the upcoming year.  The year 2020 was like no other year!  It was the year of change for us.  With the uncertainty we all felt at times, what we could lean towards and count on became more clear.  

I am thankful that both my husband and I were blessed abundantly to be able to work together and from home.  My husband's business relicensed under a new name and took most of his work outside, a shift he has wanted to make for years.  Old friends came forward with offers to help and we know they were inspired.  We couldn't have made it through 2020 without them.  

Tweetle Dee took a big hit in the number and size of events that we could teach at.  We lost more than half of the income we have seen the past few year and truly missed traveling and teaching around the country.  In this loss we also gained so much, and were able to pivot and make changes that had been in planning. 

More time was freed up for our online customers and the custom orders were a huge blessing to our family.  Online classes and two book offers came, my television work switched to on location interviews and our outdoor workshops were an amazing balm to all of our collective creative souls.

Each year we like to review  what was celebrated, dreamed and created.  This year in review lifted my heart to see the good that came because of unexpected changes.  We hope you enjoy looking back at what Tweetle Dee did in 2020.

January 2020
  • New Years with family & sledding.
  • Fresh Living segment for KUTV on Valentine Charcuterie (I learned how to say Charcuterie which was a major deal).

  • Taught an amazing barn quilt class at The Corn Wagon Quilt Co.
  • Flourish Wildflower Forget Me Not pattern released.
  • Caught & Survived Covid 19
  • Folk Art Barn Quilt Calendar release.
  • Farmer's Wife Barn Quilt & Corn and Beans pattern release.
  • Launched the new Tweetle Dee Website
  • Cold Twigs, Warm Hearts Embroidery pattern and kit release.
  • Church young women camp planning overnighter in Eureka!

February 2020
  • Taught a Floral Watercolor Embroidery Class at The Corn Wagon Quilt Company.
  • Made over 1,000 kits for the California Pinners Conference.
  • Hosted our Winter Tweetle Dee Workshop in Woodland Hills
  • Launched the first 32 colors of the Prairie Paints line created by us. It only took two was a happy day.
  • Soldier Hollow and Alpine Star pattern release.
  • Hand Dyed Stitching Cloth launch.
  • Release of Pretty in Pink Hoop-Art embroidery kit.
  • Print Shop photography and barn quilt goes live.

March 2020
  • Traveled to California to teach at Pinners Conference - cancelled hours before first class.
  • Stayed in San Diego with our littles and built a playhouse.
  • KUTV Fresh Living segment with Honey Peanut Butter Cookies.
  • Covid Lockdown...replaced kitchen floor!  Girls Camp cancelled.
  • Honey Bee & Hive and Home Barn Quilt release.

  • Signed contract for Barn Quilt Bonanza book coming in 2021.
  • Wildwood Embroidery Kit launch.
  • Irish Chain & Kaleidoscope Hex release.
  • Flourish Wildflower Embroidery Grace published.

April 2020

  • Still in Covid lockdown...built grape garden, vegetable raised beds & a new pink playhouse!
  • Made two new Farmhouse Quilts - Corn & Beans Star and Farmer's Daughter.
  • Learned how to dye stitching cloth with sunflower juice.
  • Launch of Tweetle Dee PDF Barn Quilt Patterns.
  • Released Black Eyed Susan & the Harvest Star patterns.
  • Cotton & Star Barn Quilt kits go live.
May 2020
  • Fresh Living segment for KUTV on barn quilts.
  • Panguitch Quilt Festival postponed ... see you in 2021!
  • Flourish Wildflower Marigold Embroidery pattern release.
  • Rays of Hope & Angels in Scrubs Barn Quilts to support our front line workers through Covid.
  • Became Honey Bee parents!
  • Had four new chicks all named Mabel.
  • Feathered Star Barn Quilt release.

June 2020
  • Our son Adam received his call to serve a LDS mission to Guatemala.
  • Camped in Kamas, Utah.
  • Stay-cationed with kiddos.
  • Fought through Shingles and nerve damage...learned I'm tougher than I think!
  • Had a bear visit our bees in our yard!
  • Cheddar and Biscuit Barn Quilt release.
  • Remodeled kitchen island....lots of time at home.
  • Kincaid Star barn quilt photographed for book.
  • Fixed our vintage boat and went fishing at the lake.
July 2020
  • Camped at Mirror Lake & taught Bear to swim.
  • Hosted our amazing Tweetle Dee Summer Workshop at our home!
  • Built an outdoor dinning area & pergola.
  • Fresh Living Segment for KUTV on Bee Habitats.
  • Submitted photography for Barn Quilt Bonanza. 
  • Helsigor Star Barn Quilt release.
  • Hive & Home, Double Star, Kinkade Star and Lonestar colorized pattern launch.
  • Swiss Days cancelled for 2020.
August 2020
  • Family time before Adam left for his mission.  Mission changed to Newport Beach, California.
  • Cover for Barn Quilt Bonanza shot.
  • Launch of kits for Pinners shopping site.
  • Turning Sheathes, Sunflower Burst and Gingham Pumpkin Barn Quilt release.
  • Fall barn quilt patterns colorized and released as PDF's.
  • Crossing Leaves Barn Quilt release.
  • Launch of Bold and Bright Civil War set.

September 2020
  • Hosted our Fall Tweetle Dee Workshop at our home in Woodland Hills, UT.
  • KUTV Fresh Living segment on Fabric Pumpkins.
  • Taught an amazing outdoor Barn Quilt Class at The Corn Wagon Quilt Company.
  • Celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary with our kids!
  • Created and online shop for Swiss Days.
  • Licensed our new home improvement company,  Nested Homes.
  • Blue Belle & Gingham Pumpkin pattern release.
  • Sunflower Hex live on site.
  • Released Flourished Wildflower Coneflower Embroidery pattern.
  • Made my first IG reel!

October 2020
  • Adam left for California, celebrated my birthday and moved offices!
  • Taught a barn quilt class at The Corn Wagon Quilt Company on the most gorgeous fall day.
  • Baby Paisley coming in May 2021!
  • Winter Texas Star and Homesteader Barn Quilt release.
  • Texas Star Barn Quilt Kit launch.
  • Amish Star Barn Quilt pattern, tutorial and kit release.
  • Addition of 18 more colors to our exclusive Prairie Paint line.
  • Prairie Star release.

November 2020
  • Family time & second round of Covid.  
  • First alone Thanksgiving!
  • Flourish Wildflower Embroidery E Book 
  • Ten NEW Barn Quilt Kits go live in the shop!

  • The long awaited Prism Star Barn Quilt is released.

December 2020
  • Taught an outdoor workshop at Farm & Hive.  It was a miracle day with sun and fun.
  • Fresh Living segment for KUTV on DIY Christmas Villages.  Kits launched on website.
  • Shipped 620+ barn quilt orders!
  • Welcomed a new grandbaby - Little Felix xoxo
  • Released four new holiday barn quilts...Father Christmas, Star of Noelle, Shepherd's Star, and Eastern Star.  Patterns will come soon.
  • Text written for Barn Quilt Bonanza book.
  • Counted my many blessings through the holiday!

Sharing this review of 2020 is my way of thanking God, my family & friends, and honoring the gifts we received in the previous year.  In a year of loss, change and uncertainty a lot of good was created and we look forward to the new year ready to celebrate, dream and create along with you!

Here's to an amazing 2021!

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