Chadwick Farms and Swiss Christmas

It has been a long time coming, but here are the two most requested patterns of 2022, The Swiss Christmas Barn Quilt Pattern and Chadwick Farms.  We are so excited to have them printed and in our shop ready for shipping this week!  

The Swiss Christmas is a striking clean and simple little tree, made of Swiss Crosses and painted in my favorite Prairie Paint greens.  This design is an original from us at Tweetle Dee and was created to honor our Swiss friends, and there love of simple design.  For years, we have brought this with us to all of our Swiss events and it is a much loved design.  Now, the pattern is available as a PDF download or a paper pattern, ready for shipping to your mailbox.  

Chadwick Farms was a custom design for a family in the east, who loved the Blue Willow paint color from our Prairie Paint Collection and wanted to design a classic looking original quilt design for their farm.  Those opportunities are what motivates us to create from the heart.  We have had so many of you ask for this design in a pattern, and now it is here in the shop as a PDF download and a paper pattern too.

If your are wanting to paint one for the holidays, and one for January, this combination is pure perfection.  We have sent both designs out to have them made into paintable mini and large kits, in case you like an option with everything included.  

Our patterns include the instructions, paint guide and templates to make our design into wall art of any size.   They are beginner friendly and join our collection 0f 170+ Tweetle Dee Designs.  We hope you find them something to celebrate, dream and create in your own home.  

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Barn Quilt Ornament Sets

The holidays are here is December 1st less than a day away.  I've packed up all the fall and have brought our all the bins of Christmas.  It's so much, but one of our favorite seasons to decorate for.  When the tree is up and the lights are on, it feels magical.  This season we are so happy to share with you are Barn Quilt Ornament Set.

Each set comes with four wood ornaments carved in our two most loved designs, the Texas Star and the Amish Hex Twelve Point Star.  If you follow us, you know we love color, but for these ornaments I can't think of anything more beautiful than the rich colors of our Prairie Paint Stain and Finishing Wax over these ornaments.  With the cut out pieces, the lights just glows through them, and they were our children's favorite ornaments to hang on this years tree.

We have sets all packed and ready to ship to you for your decorating and gift giving this season.  The ornaments are 4" x 4" and come with a silver wire and crystal bead hanger.  

We hope you find a special place on your tree for your Barn Quilt Ornaments this year.  This week take 10% off all orders with code Thankyou10.  It's our way of saying thank you for making this season so blessed for our families.  

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Cyber Monday Sale

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!  We are back in our shop today getting all of your holiday orders out in the mail.  Thank you for everyone shop shopped small with us over the weekend.  Your support of our small business supports several families and we thank you for choosing our shop.  

Our Cyber Monday Sale is here for two days!  We are offering free shipping on all orders placed today and tomorrow.  Use code Cyber22 at checkout through Tuesday at midnight.  

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Blue Spruce Barn Quilt

Our newest barn quilt release is the Blue Spruce.  When we were traveling to visit our family in NY, we wanted to give a barn quilt to my cousin to hang at the farm. She wanted something with pine trees.  Her home is surrounded by tall, beautiful pine trees and at the end of the orchard is this old pole barn.  The perfect place for a barn quilt designed with long wispy pine boughs and cones. 

The orchard was one of our favorite places as kids.  There were apple trees that were loving cared for by our grandfather who loved to graft different kind of apples together.  The apples gathered and made into cider, was a treat for all of us.  Among the apple trees were tall pines that danced in the breezes that came across the green, rolling hills of the upstate New York farm.  

Some still stand today, and are now cared for by my cousin and her husband with as much love as our grandfather had for them.  It's a place of beauty and peace.  So, it was a honor to design a barn quilt that had the grace and subtle colors of the pine cones and boughs.  

We have now added this design to our shop for orders.  It is a beautiful design and perfect for the season.  We hope to release the kit and pattern for Thanksgiving.  You can watch for the release through our newsletter.  For now, we are excited to open this design for holiday orders.  Available in three sizes from 33" to 55".  Its a beauty!

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The Austin Star Barn Quilt

The Austin Star Barn Quilt is our newest design in the Tweetle Dee family of stars.  It is the perfect hybrid of our Texas and Lonestar quilt designs with so many diamonds to show off the gorgeous colors in our Prairie Paint Collection.  We named it The Austin Star with the bright white star in the middle, just like the city of Austin sits in the middle of the great state of Texas.  

I think most of our 58 colors are in this design, and gorgeous dark Iron Gate background sets them all off perfectly.  This barn quilt is ready to order in our shop and comes framed in four sizes.  All of our barn quilts are hand painted and sealed for indoor our outdoor display.  

With the release of this new quilt, we are also running our Fall Sale until the end of September, which means all orders, classes and supplies are 25% off with code Fall25.  This is the perfect time to find a kit, embroidery project, frame or a barn quilt to love and to give.  We hope you find the perfect quilt or project to celebrate, dream and create a little joy in your life this fall.  

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Belle Prairie Botanicals

Our love of flowers runs deep as the roots here at Tweetle Dee and one of our favorite collections in the Belle Prairie Botanicals.  They were inspired by the Friendship Garden in Belle Prairie, Nebraska.  This garden was grown by the women who helped settle the prairies.  It was a grown as a way to give flowers to each other in the absence of florist shops.

Rue Anemone 

Wild Clover

Black Eyed Susan

Forget Me Not

Queen Anne's Lace

Wild Lavender

We are excited to announce that the collection is growing with two new botanicals coming in September and even more exciting, the collection is now available as a PDF download pattern.  We still have many kits available, but now you can order the patterns straight to your email inbox!  

All of our patterns and kits are 25% off through the end of August with code Fall25.  We hope these Belle Prairie Botanicals inspire you to start stitching again.  I'm so excited for the release of our two new florals, so keep an eye out for their release.  Have a wonderful last few days of August!

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New York Beauty

I was raised on a farm in upstate New York and my heart will always be there.  So it is no wonder that the New York Beauty is one of my favorite quilts.  With our trip back to visit family we had to paint it on wood and photograph it up on Olmstead Hill looking over the family farm.  

Painting barn quilts has become an expression of remembrance and love for me.  I paint many custom designs for people who want to choose designs or colors that have significance to them.  Knowing that my favorite quilt is also from my home state, I had to design a barn quilt that could be photographed in my most loved place.  

Just over the top of the barn quilt is the homestead and two blue Harvester silos.  All that stands of the barns in a metal pole barn built in the 70's.  The home, orchards and woods are still in the family.  The design for this New York Beauty takes elements of different points of light and color and brings them together into a central design that is mesmerizing and all together beautiful. 

New York Beauty Barn Quilt

It represents for me personally all the many memories and stories that shape who our Lyke family is.  i love this design and I am so happy to share this with you today.
I am working with our wood designer to create a pre-printed wood design for kits and a template for the pattern.  They should be here by the first of October.  

For now, orders are open for the full painted and framed beautiful New York Beauty Barn Quilt.  I hope you have a wonderful day and can take inspiration from this design to see the beauty in your own story.  We all have one, and they are all beautiful in their unique crazy way.  

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Maple Sap and Turkey Tail

As the summer heat turns the milkweed to amber, I know that its just a month or two before the leaves will begin to turn to the gorgeous colors of fall.  One of my favorite colors in our Prairie Paint Fall Collection is Maple Sap. 

The color Maple Sap is like a rich, deep orange-ish, golden brown that can be found in the crisp leaves of fall or an heirloom pumpkin.  Whenever I am painting a fall design and need an orange, I reach for Maple Sap.  I do love our Pumpkin Patch color for brighter, vintage inspired oranges, but Maple Sap has a deep, richness that makes whatever I'm painting "orange" gorgeous. 

Below you can see the color prior to adding our Prairie Paints Finishing Wax.  Our Prairie Paints are a thick gel-chalk paint that was specially formulated to go on with one coat coverage and no-run applications.  It is perfect for painting interior furniture, cabinetry, accessories and yes, barn quilts! Our customers love this paint and we love sharing it with you.

With fall coming quickly, we are adding all of our fall patterns, kits, barn quilts and stitching kits to the site.  You will find several new patterns and kits that are perfect for the fall season.  Our Turkey Tail Barn Quilt is one of my favorite new designs and is stunning in so many color combinations, but my favorite is the one pictured below.  

Turkey Tail is available in a pattern, kits and as a framed-over barn quilt in four sizes.  The sample above is painted in Maple Sap, Hay Down, Cattle Drive Coffee, Homestead White, and Over the Pond.  

This week all of our Prairie Paint Collection is on sale.  No codes needed.  You will get 20% off on all orders over $30.00.  This includes our Finishing Wax and Gel-Chalk Powder that turns any paint into a thick, gorgeous chalk paint.  We hope you enjoy shopping in our Online Shop and find the colors you want to get your fall painting on!

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American Denim Barn Quilt

American Denim is our newest barn quilt in the Tweetle Dee Collection.  It is one of my favorite barn quilts of all time, and was inspired by the chambray colors of old denim.  My love of denim is known by my family and friends as I wear old frayed denim in all colors, with patches and stitching most days. There is just something about the soft, shades of denim cotton that says home.

American Denim Barn Quilt

I choose to design this pattern with the richest red in our Prairie Paints Collection of gel-chalk paint.  Rooster Red was the red I choose because of it's bright and fresh red.  This newest barn quilt is framed in wide cedar to give it so much character.  The frame is painted in Old Crow and then sanded and painted a second time in Blue Willow.  The Blue Willow over the Old Crow gave both a rich, well loved look.  

American Denim Barn Quilt Pattern

For today's release of this barn quilt, we are also releasing it as a Ready-To-Paint Kit and PDF pattern too.  The commissioned barn quilts come in 33", 44" and 55".  All of our hand painted barn quilts are sealed for indoor or outdoor use.  They never fade or peel, only look better with each passing year.  

Blue Willow Prairie Paint Gel-Chalk Paint

All of our kits, patterns and barn quilts are 10% off with code Thankyou10, as our way of saying thank you to our barn quilt followers and friends.  We hope you love this new American Denim Barn Quilt, pattern and kit.  

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One Day Birthday Sale

This week is a birthday celebration week for us and we are giving you one reason to celebrate with us!  We are having a one day 40% off sale on anything in out shop.  Use code Birthday40 and save on all paints, kits, patterns and barn quilts until June 27th at midnight.  

We love dreaming, celebrating and creating with you everyday, and birthdays are simply the best!  We hope you have followed along on Instagram this week to see the family celebrate Mike’s 60th birthday!  We have been all over the state of Utah dropping barn quilts and fun in the most random spots.  
We hope you find a kit, or two to celebrate and create with us.  Xo. 

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Prairie Paints New Products

Two new products launch this week in our Prairie Paints line.  Our Prairie Paints Gel-Chalk Paint Powder and our yummy Prairie Paint Finishing Wax.  Both of these products have been in testing and production for the past year, and are now perfected and ready to share with all of our Tweetle Dee & Prairie Paint friends in our our shop.

Prairie Paints Gel-Chalk Powder

Our Prairie Paints Gel-Chalk Powder will turn any water based paint into a beautiful gel-chalk paint.  It is the same formula we use as a base in our own 58 gorgeous Prairie Paint line.  The powders come in 2 oz and 4 oz sizes with a mini whisk to help mix your own gel-chalk paint.  Once this mixture is added to your water based paints, they will act with the same stick and finish as a chalk paint. 

The gel component allow the paint to be thick for detail painting without runs.  The beauty of this Prairie Paint Gel-Chalk Powder is that you can control the thickness of your paint which can work for full coverage or a light milk-wash finish.  

Prairie Paint Finishing Wax

Our Prairie Paints Finishing Wax is like buttah!  Well, smooth like the creamiest bees wax with deep antiqued color, because it is made from beautiful bees wax, and our favorite antiqued stain.  Mix them together and you have the perfect finish for any painted or natural surface.  Our wax seals your paint and wood with a natural sheen.  It protects from the elements and is safe for indoor or outdoor finishes.  

Available in two sizes, a 2 oz and a 4 oz size in Our Shop and ready to ship!  Combine your paint with the Prairie Paint Gel-Chalk Powder and our Finishing Wax and your projects will be beyond beautiful.  

Be sure to use code Thankyou10 to save 10% off your orders this week and thank you for all the support you have given for our Prairie Paint Collection.  We love to see it grow and it is because of your support that we can continue the growth.  so, thank you!

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Georgia Pinners Conference

It's Pinners week!  We are so excited to be loading our van and driving out to Georgia for this week's Pinners Conference in Atlanta.  We love our Georgia Pinners friends and can't wait to join you this Friday and Saturday March 11th and 12th at the Cobb Galleria Centre.  We will be teaching three amazing classes this year.  

We will be teaching our How to Paint a Barn Quilt class on Saturday at 4:00.  The Farmer's Daughter is the barn quilt we will be making, one of my all time favorites.   In the class we will be covering how to draw a pattern, how to paint a barn quilt, and our unique finishing techniques that give your barn quilts the perfectly vintage look we are known for.  

You will also have the chance to paint with our gel-chalk paint, our Prairie Paints.  We can't wait to paint a hundred barn quilts in an hour with you.  In addition to the best class, we will also be giving away one gorgeous barn quilt.  We can't tell you which one, but be sure it is amazing!  We have plenty of kits and our classroom is be assured there is a place for you.

How to Paint a Barn Quilt
Pinners Conference - Georgia
Saturday, March 12th 
at 4:00 in Room 1

Our next class in the Field of Flowers Beginning Embroidery Class.  I lovvvve this class!  We cover all the beginning stitches while embroidering a darling little field garden of flowers.  If you have never embroidered before or if you want a refresher, or just love embroidery...this is the class for you!  We have lots of kits and are excited to have you join us.

Field of Flowers Embroidery 
Pinners Conference - Georgia
Friday, March 11th
at 11:00 in Room 3

I'm saving the best for last!  On Saturday morning, we are teaching my all time favorite Pinners class, the Flourish Rubber Stamp Carving Class.  This class is so much fun!  You will learn how to carve a block of rubber into a floral stamp that you can use to make cards, gift paper, and even your own fabric panels.  

Flourish Rubber Stamp Carving 
Pinners Conference - Georgia
Saturday, March 12th
at 10:00 in Room 6

What I love the most about this class is how unique everyone's stamps are.  We begin the class with carving techniques and everyone begins carving.  By the time we finish everyone had a beautiful stamp that was uniquely theirs's.  It's so true that no two flowers are the same, just as we are all one of  kind.  It's a great class, and we know you will love it!  Come join us Saturday morning!

As I'm finishing this post, my husband came to tell me the car is loaded and we are ready to go.  We love teaching at Pinners Conference's .  We've been teaching with them for five years and have met so many of you from all corner's of the country.  It is an amazing conference which leaves you renewed and happy.  All the classes, all the's so much fun.  

If you need a ticket go to Pinners Conference and get a class pass.  We have room in our classes and kits waiting for you!  This year you can save on your admission by donating to a good cause too, check out their site for details.  We hope to see you this coming weekend in Georgia! 

For those of you who can't make it, there is a discount code all week Pinners20 to save 20% on all we can all celebrate, dream and create together, no matter where we are.  xo

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