One Day Birthday Sale

This week is a birthday celebration week for us and we are giving you one reason to celebrate with us!  We are having a one day 40% off sale on anything in out shop.  Use code Birthday40 and save on all paints, kits, patterns and barn quilts until June 27th at midnight.  

We love dreaming, celebrating and creating with you everyday, and birthdays are simply the best!  We hope you have followed along on Instagram this week to see the family celebrate Mike’s 60th birthday!  We have been all over the state of Utah dropping barn quilts and fun in the most random spots.  
We hope you find a kit, or two to celebrate and create with us.  Xo. 

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Prairie Paints New Products

Two new products launch this week in our Prairie Paints line.  Our Prairie Paints Gel-Chalk Paint Powder and our yummy Prairie Paint Finishing Wax.  Both of these products have been in testing and production for the past year, and are now perfected and ready to share with all of our Tweetle Dee & Prairie Paint friends in our our shop.

Prairie Paints Gel-Chalk Powder

Our Prairie Paints Gel-Chalk Powder will turn any water based paint into a beautiful gel-chalk paint.  It is the same formula we use as a base in our own 58 gorgeous Prairie Paint line.  The powders come in 2 oz and 4 oz sizes with a mini whisk to help mix your own gel-chalk paint.  Once this mixture is added to your water based paints, they will act with the same stick and finish as a chalk paint. 

The gel component allow the paint to be thick for detail painting without runs.  The beauty of this Prairie Paint Gel-Chalk Powder is that you can control the thickness of your paint which can work for full coverage or a light milk-wash finish.  

Prairie Paint Finishing Wax

Our Prairie Paints Finishing Wax is like buttah!  Well, smooth like the creamiest bees wax with deep antiqued color, because it is made from beautiful bees wax, and our favorite antiqued stain.  Mix them together and you have the perfect finish for any painted or natural surface.  Our wax seals your paint and wood with a natural sheen.  It protects from the elements and is safe for indoor or outdoor finishes.  

Available in two sizes, a 2 oz and a 4 oz size in Our Shop and ready to ship!  Combine your paint with the Prairie Paint Gel-Chalk Powder and our Finishing Wax and your projects will be beyond beautiful.  

Be sure to use code Thankyou10 to save 10% off your orders this week and thank you for all the support you have given for our Prairie Paint Collection.  We love to see it grow and it is because of your support that we can continue the growth.  so, thank you!

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Georgia Pinners Conference

It's Pinners week!  We are so excited to be loading our van and driving out to Georgia for this week's Pinners Conference in Atlanta.  We love our Georgia Pinners friends and can't wait to join you this Friday and Saturday March 11th and 12th at the Cobb Galleria Centre.  We will be teaching three amazing classes this year.  

We will be teaching our How to Paint a Barn Quilt class on Saturday at 4:00.  The Farmer's Daughter is the barn quilt we will be making, one of my all time favorites.   In the class we will be covering how to draw a pattern, how to paint a barn quilt, and our unique finishing techniques that give your barn quilts the perfectly vintage look we are known for.  

You will also have the chance to paint with our gel-chalk paint, our Prairie Paints.  We can't wait to paint a hundred barn quilts in an hour with you.  In addition to the best class, we will also be giving away one gorgeous barn quilt.  We can't tell you which one, but be sure it is amazing!  We have plenty of kits and our classroom is be assured there is a place for you.

How to Paint a Barn Quilt
Pinners Conference - Georgia
Saturday, March 12th 
at 4:00 in Room 1

Our next class in the Field of Flowers Beginning Embroidery Class.  I lovvvve this class!  We cover all the beginning stitches while embroidering a darling little field garden of flowers.  If you have never embroidered before or if you want a refresher, or just love embroidery...this is the class for you!  We have lots of kits and are excited to have you join us.

Field of Flowers Embroidery 
Pinners Conference - Georgia
Friday, March 11th
at 11:00 in Room 3

I'm saving the best for last!  On Saturday morning, we are teaching my all time favorite Pinners class, the Flourish Rubber Stamp Carving Class.  This class is so much fun!  You will learn how to carve a block of rubber into a floral stamp that you can use to make cards, gift paper, and even your own fabric panels.  

Flourish Rubber Stamp Carving 
Pinners Conference - Georgia
Saturday, March 12th
at 10:00 in Room 6

What I love the most about this class is how unique everyone's stamps are.  We begin the class with carving techniques and everyone begins carving.  By the time we finish everyone had a beautiful stamp that was uniquely theirs's.  It's so true that no two flowers are the same, just as we are all one of  kind.  It's a great class, and we know you will love it!  Come join us Saturday morning!

As I'm finishing this post, my husband came to tell me the car is loaded and we are ready to go.  We love teaching at Pinners Conference's .  We've been teaching with them for five years and have met so many of you from all corner's of the country.  It is an amazing conference which leaves you renewed and happy.  All the classes, all the's so much fun.  

If you need a ticket go to Pinners Conference and get a class pass.  We have room in our classes and kits waiting for you!  This year you can save on your admission by donating to a good cause too, check out their site for details.  We hope to see you this coming weekend in Georgia! 

For those of you who can't make it, there is a discount code all week Pinners20 to save 20% on all we can all celebrate, dream and create together, no matter where we are.  xo

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New Spring Barn Quilts

The colors of spring are beginning to burst around our mountains which have inspired two new spring barn quilts for 2022.  The Plum Creek and Carolina Lily Barn Quilts are painted with our vintage paint collection, Prairie Paints.  Available in many sizes with framing options make these perfect for outdoors, front porches and homes. 

Plum Creek Barn Quilt

The Plum Creek Barn Quilt was inspired by the colors that line the creek bed of our mountain home. Beautiful deep plums, soft neutrals.  So pretty together.  It comes without a frame, painted on reclaimed wood and sealed for indoor or outdoor use.  Frames and custom colors are available upon request.  

Carolina Lily Barn Quilt

The traditional quilt block, Carolina Lily has found it's home at Tweetle Dee!  I have long loved this design and have painted it in many of our Prairie Paints, but have not listed it for commissions until now.  We are excited to have this framed barn quilt join the Tweetle Dee Barn Quilt Collection, and is ready for orders to arrive for spring.  Custom colors can be chosen from our Prairie Paints in Our Shop.  This barn quilt will be coming soon in a pattern and kit, so join our newsletter to get special pricing when they arrive!

As the snow melts off and the colors of spring arrive, we hope you find a renewal too.  These two new barn quilt designs bring a little joy to us as we paint them for you.  We love seeing orders come in with special requests for colors and even more as you place orders for paints and supplies to paint your own beautiful barn quilts.  They bring a relief and some joy to our hearts and we hope yours too.  xo

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Oh Honey Bread

Bread baking was one of my first hobbies.  I loved being in our big kitchen on the farm.  It was a kitchen my grandmother had saved for and renovated in the 50's.  The farmhouse itself was built in the 1800's, with the original kitchen being in the back of the home.  As it grew, the white metal cabinets of the 50's sat along side the hand built wood cabinets and the old clawfoot tub that had been in that same kitchen for generations. 

As a young teen I wanted to bake and in this kitchen was a Hoosier Cabinet with a flour sifter that I loved to "play" with.  All of the baking ingredients we needed were in that cabinet and the cold storage box under the big window, a favorite sitting place for all of us.  We could sit and watch the grown-ups cook, laugh, and work together while gazing out across the orchard.  

In that old kitchen was a three gallon metal bucket with a turned handle dough kneading hook.  It looked like a well loved piece, with bots of dark patina over the aged silver.  It must have been the first "automatic" bread maker.  I would turn the crank with no dough inside just to watch the hook twirl and spin, but when the Honey Dough was in there, the fun doubled.

I'm not sure where this recipe came from because we have used it since I was little.  Lots of good flour, butter and honey, and a little patience make for the best white bread loaf you will ever taste.  The dough looks like a work of art.  It is so spongy and golden from the color of honey.  Time letting it rise three times makes the bread extra light and soft.  Good quality flour, sifted makes the bread sliceable for sandwiches or a soft slab of hot butter.

Honey Bread

3 Cups Warm Water
3 Tablespoons Honey
2.5 Tablespoons of Active Dry Yeast

1. Mix the water, honey and yeast in a large room temperature bowl.  Cover and set aside until it activates and is foamy.

2 Tablespoon of Grey Salt
1/4 Cup Honey
1/4 Cup Melted Butter
4 Cups of Sifted Unbleached Flour

2.  Add the Salt, Butter, Honey and Flour to the yeast mixture.  Mix with a dough hook or wooden spoon.  The dough will be soft sticky.  Incorporate all the flour in together and pull into a sticky ball.  Cover and let rise for one hour.

2 1/2 Cups of Sifted Unbleached Flour

3.  Punch down the sticky dough and pull away from sides with a dough hook.  Add the flour extra flour one half cup at a time until the dough becomes soft and can be formed into a ball.  Keep the dough barely sticky and soft.  

3.  Add dough to a mixer to knead for 5 minutes or knead by hand on an oiled surface for ten minutes.

4.  Place dough back into bowl and let rise for another hour.

5.  Softly punch down and separate into two or three loaves.  Form dough into a loaf form.  Lightly drop dough once on the counter to remove air pockets.  

6.  Place dough in a oiled bread pan and let rise a half hour.  Bake at 350 degrees for 20 to 30 minuets or until golden on top.

7.  Remove from pan and let cool on a cooling rack.  

8.  Brush with melted butter and honey.  Let cool if you have the patience.  If not. lightly slice and serve with soft butter.

If you have baked this recipe and love it as much as I do, take a picture and tag me on Instagram @tweetledeedesignco.  I would love to see pictures of you making and sharing your bread with your family and friends.  There is something so "sweet" and simple about a loaf of homemade bread.  It is healing to make, eat and share.  

Sending love and hope for a joyful day!  xo

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How to Paint a Barn Quilt

If you have ever wanted to attend one of our in-person How to Paint a Barn Quilt Classes but live too far away, you will be so happy to know that we are offering our first live Zoom How to Paint a Barn Quilt Class on July 9th!

This class will be online on Zoom and added to our growing YouTube Channel.   In the class as will be teaching all of our best techniques for painting a barn quilt that has the perfectly vintage look that sets us apart from other barn quilt painters.  We will cover everything form A to Z with time for Q&A's too.

The cost of your registrations includes a kit to paint the Farmer's Daughter Barn Quilt shown in this post with a finished size of 22".   The kit contains our gorgeous Prairie Paints and will love getting to try our unique gel-chalk paints.  

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Swoony Heart Sale

Our annual Swoony Heart Sale is here!   Every February we take one week to share a little crafting love with you in our Swoony Heart Sale.  We have so many designs inspired by love.  Love of flowers, love of vintage quilts, love of family... so much love in Our Shop.  We hope you find some love there too.

Throughout the next week until February 15th when you use code Swoon you get 25% off anything in our online shop.  This includes in-person and Zoom classes, kits, patterns, and all hand painted barn quilts!  

So jump online to Our Shop and find something that you can make, give or enjoy in our home as our way of sharing a little more love and light in the world!  Happy Swoon Sale!  We love you. xo

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National Chocolate Cake Day

Happy National Chocolate Cake Day!!!  I love these little foodie holidays because it gives us permission to celebrate our favorite treats with no guilt.  I am sharing with you one of my favorite chocolate cake recipes which came from my Grandma Lyke.

Grandma's Chocolate Cake

1/2 cup cocoa
1/2 cup melted butter
2 cups sugar
2 egg yolks
1 teas. vanilla
1/2 cup sour cream

Mix these ingredients together by hand in a large bowl.  Make sure to temper the egg yolks by mixing them in last.

Sift together....

2 cups flour
1 teas. baking soda
a pinch of salt

Slowly add to chocolate mixture and stir by hand (no electric mixers used in this recipe).  

Stir in 1 cup of boiling water.

Beat the two egg white until white and fluffy and fold into the batter.

Bake at 325 degrees for 45 minutes or until it passes the toothpick test.

Let cool.  Frost with your favorite chocolate frosting!

I know it seems crazy not to use your kitchen aid with this cake...but it does make a difference.  Old fashioned cakes were more moist and dense than we are used to today.  This cake recipe is close to 100 years old and has been the chocolate cake enjoyed in our family for years. 

Every year we do something to remember Grandma on her birthday, so it's perfect that today is National Chocolate Cake day, because her recipe is one of our most requested cakes of all time.  We hope you enjoy this slow, homemade slice of chocolate!  

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Irish Chain Barn Quilt

One of our most requested original designs is the Irish Chain Barn Quilt.  We designed this quilt years ago for a family in the midwest to honor their ancestors and their journey to America and now it is back in The Shop!

The greens were for the colors of Ireland.  The four leafed clover in the center was the hope of good luck and blessings and the blue points of the star were the waters that brought them here.  I loved designing this pattern for them, and I am so happy to have it back for you to enjoy as well.

The barn quilt is available in three sizes, hand painted on reclaimed wood to give it lots of character and framed in walnut.  Sealed for indoor and outdoor use with a hanger included.  You will love this barn quilt!  Custom colors are available from our Prairie Paint Collection too.  

Be sure to use code Lucky this week and save 20% off on all order through next Monday!  xo

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Blue Willow Broken Dishes Barn Quilt

When I was fifteen I went to my first estate sale in New York.  It was an old farmhouse and I loved sifting through old stuff even then.  I bought three candle sticks wood (still have them) and a set of Blue Willow Dishes.  In all my moves across country,  I kept them in a trunk waiting for the day I could use them in my own home.  

Blue Willow Broken Dishes Barn Quilt

January's quilt of the month is Broken Dishes.  We've sewn is in red and pink, painted it in our Prairie Paints Rooster Red and the new Geranium Petals, and now we have a beautiful blue version.  To release the newest color way we of course had to release the new Blue Willow color which is perfectly fresh and deep in true blue.  Inspired by the old China pattern we all love.

We also added a kit with the newest blues so you can paint your own Blue Willow Broken Dishes Barn Quilt.  Our kits come in two sizes and with brushes and paint and a pre-printed design on a beautiful framed ready to paint barn quilt board.

These kits make easy fun of painting barn quilts and make great gifts too.  We just shipped a set off to a group of friends for a paint day.  Speaking of our Broken Dishes Paint Along, we will be painting a Broken Dishes live on IG this Saturday at 10:00 MST.  Join us and watch the fun!  

For this pattern, barn quilt and kit, be sure to visit Our Shop this week and use code Lucky to save 20% off on your order.  

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Ready to Paint Barn Quilts

We are over the moon with our newest product launch!  After years of listening to you fret over how to draw our barn quilt and hex designs onto your DIY Barn Quilts, we have finally found a perfect solution.  I can't tell you how in love I am with these Ready to Paint Barn Quilt & Kits!

Little Pieces Heart Ready to Paint Barn Quilt Kit

Our Ready to Paint Barn Quilt Boards and Kits come with the design printed onto the wood!  Printed in the color of our sealing stain.  They are smooth and beautiful and framed in pine.  Currently we are offering them in two perfect sizes, a 22" and a 18" size.  

Dutch Girl Ready to Paint Barn Quilt Board

Just look at the perfect lines on those boards!  It is amazing.  Each month we will be releasing new designs and kits as well as a kit of the month with a Paint-A-Long Zoom Class for anyone who purchase the kit that month.  We are working as quick as we can to add some of our old designs too.  We can't wait to see the Amish Hexes...which will be next.

Texas Star Ready to Paint Barn Quilt Board

Is there a design you would want to see pre-printed onto a Ready to Paint Barn Quilt Board?  If so leave a comment or email us at  We would love to hear from you.  You have asked for this for so long, as we know you all have your favorites which you would love to see small and precise.  

We took these Ready To Paint Barn Quilts to our fall conferences and they sold out!  We came home with one of our samples left that I would not let out of my hands.  We quickly got back to the shop and made our first six designs and today is the day you get to have them too!

So this month's barn quilt of the month is the Broken Dishes, which will be posted tomorrow on the blog, but for now you can go to The Shop and see the first six Ready To Paint Barn Quilt Boards and the Little Pieces Heart Ready To Paint Barn Quilt Kits.  

As always we want to thank you for your support over the past seven years we have been designing and painting barn quilts.  It is a passion for us.  The quilting design and our love of history, color, and the stories behind our quilts and barn quilts have brought us so much joy.  We love to share that joy with you and know you will love this new addition to the Tweetle Dee family.  You're gonna love them! 

Remember to use code ThankYou10 to save 10% off your order.  xo

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New Moonbeams & Cabin Dream Patterns

Whenever I am asked what barn quilt is my favorite, I have a difficult answering.  So many of our designs come from the heart, a story, a family legacy.  Those designs take on the life and love of the client's story.  For me personally, my favorite is the Moonbeams & Cabin Dreams Collection.  

It is the story of family's experiences in homesteading the Nebraska plains in the late 1800's and the 1900's prior to the Dustbowl and Great Depression.  Their stories have been published in the history of Nebraska along with the settlers that settled those empty plains.  Their friendships carried them through tough times and created bonds with strangers, natives and anyone who crossed their paths.  My Great, Great Grandfather was the first Methodist missionary in the northern most plains.  There was nothing there except for flat land, homes dug into the dirt, food from what they brought or roots, rhubarb, meat caught and cooked in the most primitive ways.  What these stories brought to me was the inspirational friendships where service and care was given, love grew.  

We are so happy to launch six new patterns for this collection along with pre-drawn ready to paint kits, as well as beautifully hand painted quilts.  Most of the designs are available as stand alone quilts in multiple sizes.  We are so excited to have these designs available for you to paint and love as much as I do.

All of our designs can be seen in Our Shop and over the next week the kits will arrive and be added with beautiful Prairie Paints, brushes and pre-drawn barn quilt boards ready to paint.  You will love them!  They are gorgeous, and we can't wait for them to arrive so we can ship them to you.

All of our patterns come sizable for any size barn quilt.  They are full color with pattern details, Prairie Paint color suggestions, and our How to Paint a Barn Quilt instructions.  The patterns are available as a ship-able paper pattern and a PDF download pattern that comes to you without the wait.  

For those who love to paint our patterns, you will love painting these stories onto wood.  We are also sewing these blocks into a fabric quilt to wrap around us always.  We love sharing design and colors with you, but the stories are what tug at our hearts and make a simple design something a little more.  

Watch over the next week for the launch of the ready to paint kits...they are amazing! xo

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Broken Dishes Barn Quilt of the Month

Happy New Year!  We are so excited to have 2022 here.  This year at Tweetle Dee we will be doing something a little different and oh so fun.  The first week of the month we will be releasing one new design in many creative ways and for the month of January, we have one of my most cherished quilts, the Broken Dishes.

Broken Dishes Barn Quilt

Sitting in a trunk in an old Pennsylvania Dutch farmhouse we found an old hand stitched quilt with a note attached saying "Broken Dishes".  The origins of the Broken Dishes pattern date back to the 1790's and is one of the earliest recorded designs in quilt history.  Half-square triangles are arranged to form the pattern of this simple design.  We aren't sure of the dates the quilt we found was sewn, but it was evident with with hand stitching throughout that many hands worked this together to make one special quilt.

Broken Dishes Hand Stitched Quilt

One of the things I love about this design is the imagery of broken pieces being brought back together and placed in a way to bring new beauty to something that was once considered "broken".   This is why I choose this design for our January Quilt of the Month.  

Many of us have broken pieces from the previous years that are left in a swept up pile.  When a new year begins, we all look back at our experiences of the previous year and make plans or goals for the new.  For me, what has been so helpful through therapy is to look clearly at what was "broken" and place it in healthy frames to heal and make something good again.  Maybe this is why this pattern called to me.  I believe in the spirit we each have that moves us forward and so Broken Dishes is my New Year's quilt.  I hope to take my broken pieces and make something amazing for 2022!

In Our Shop this week we have the painted Broken Dishes Barn Quilt ready for orders.  It is hand painted in our gorgeous Prairie Paints and framed in a wide carved wood frame.  The finished size is 27" and it is sealed for indoor or outdoor use.  

In addition to the painted barn quilt, we also have the Broken Dishes pattern available as a PDF download and as a full color paper pattern.  Kits for this barn quilt will be available later this week with a Zoom Paint-A-Long scheduled for January 29th.  We are so excited to offer this day of painting a barn quilt together!

This week you can save 22% on all orders and classes with code Happy22!  We hope you had a beautiful holiday season with your family and friends & best wishes for an amazing year!  

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