Farmhouse Nesting Benches

One of my most loved pieces of furniture in my home is my collection of Farmhouse Nesting Benches.  I use them for seating, tables, bookshelves and planting towers.  I have stained and painted so many of them over the years and can never have enough of them.  We wanted to bring them to our online shop this spring and I am so happy with the style we came up with to make these available for you.  

Farmhouse Nesting Benches

We have two sizes that fit perfectly together.  Each come sanded smooth, with pre-drilled holes and hardware to assemble.  They are unfinished, ready to paint or stain.  They ship flat to save shipping costs for you and are super easy to put together.  

They are beautiful unfinished too, very Scandinavian in style and look.  If you want to watch me assemble and paint one watch my Instagram Stories this week.  We are hoping for snow to melt and to begin assembling our big greenhouse.  These Farmhouse Nesting Benches will be lining the garden and table in it soon.  

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Prairie Petals Barn Quilt

The long months of winter are almost past, and with new sunshine comes the growth of new life in vibrant color.  We just couldn't wait any longer to release a few of these painted flowers to bring a whisper to spring to your heart.  Prairie Petals is now available in our shop in painted barn quilts, kits and patterns.

Designed with the whimsical folk style that we love so much, and hand painted on very old reclaimed wood.  I am so excited to see these finished and to see so much of the dark wood come up during the finishing.  I know the two samples I painted will be perfect on our greenhouse this spring.  

Prairie Petal Barn Quilts measure 16.5" x 3o" and are available to order already painted in custom colors from our Prairie Paint Collection.  I'm already dreaming of all the combinations that can be painted using our 64 vintage inspired colors and don't be surprised is a little bee shows up amid these petals soon!

We also have made these into kits so you can paint your own garden of Prairie Petals.  Our kits include the board, pattern and paints.  If you have a ton of wood and want to order just a pattern, you will love our color patterns with instructions on how to paint a barn quilt, color diagrams, paint lists and all the helps you need to be adventurous in painting these darling barn quilts. 

This week use code Petals20 to save 20% on all orders.  We hope to see a field of these gorgeous folk art Prairie Petals all across the country by summer.  xoxo

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