Winter Village Wood Set

With the winter snows upon us, we wanted to create a little frosted Winter Village to warm our hearts this season.  Most of December we are in our shop with Santa hats on making barn quilts, angels, and stars for our customers, but when night comes we get a little creative with the scraps left behind.   A few ends and shims, a couple of sawtooth nails and a darling little Winter Village was built.

The first thing we did was chop the wood into the shapes of houses and then painted them with a light coat of our Prairie Paints Homestead White.  Once the paint was dry, we took a hand held sander and scuffed the fronts and edges to give the houses a wintery snow drifted look.  If you don't have an electric sander, you can use a heavy grit sander.

Next we found some wood shims and cut them to the size of doors.  It was fun to alter the heights so they weren't all the same.  You know we're all about character.  I heated the old glue gun and glued the shims in place.  

To add winter night windows, I drew on little squares in random spaces, with attention to make them off center and slanted.  After they were drawn in place, I took a small brush and painted them in with our Prairie Paints Old Crow.  I let them dry.

For the details I used a white Sharpie pen.  Again, I drew little window panes inside of the black area with off-center whimsy.  I think this whimsy may become my new word!

Every home needs a roof and we made these roofs with the ends of the wood shims that we cut for the doors.  I glued them onto the pointed tops of the wood blocks with off set points again to give the homes a little character and whimsy.

To make the darling chimneys, we used a small hammer to pound in sawtooth nails that you can find at most large home supply centers.  A few medium strength taps and they were in place.  

Again we made the placement of each chimney different on each house.  One went in straight and the other two were pounded in at an angle to give it the look of an old little cottage.

Aren't those houses so cute!  I want to live in them all winter long.  You can see that each one is unique and very simple in style.  With this project simple is best.

Now for the trees!  We used scraps of the cedar that we make our barn quilts from. and cut them in varying heights with sharp points to make them look like they are reaching for those winter stars.

Using our Prairie Paints Homestead White and a small round sponge brush that I found at a local craft supply store I doted the snowballs onto the trees.  You could paint in random patterns, but I wanted mine to slope  in a faint line to look like each snow ball had landed on the sweeping limbs of the pine trees.

This was one of the most fun parts of this Winter Village.  Making those trees come to life was easy and sweet.

And there you have it, a perfect little Winter Village Set made from materials we had in our wood shop.  We loved them so much, we added DIY Winter Village Kits to Our Shop for you to purchase.  The kits contain everything you need to make your own village.  

If you are wanting to purchase a set already made we have them ready for you to purchase all ready frosted and ready to display on your mantle or side table.  They will stay with you though out the long frosty winter.  You can also catch us today on KUTV Fresh Living talking about these darling sets.  Tune in at 1:00.  

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Momma's Farmhouse Chili

Last week was our Barn Quilt Class on the Farm and it was cold.  Too cold for words, so we knew we had to serve a hot comforting lunch.  The most requested soups from our kitchen to the farm table are Momma's Farmhouse Chili and Loaded Chicken Noodle Soup.  When we ate at 2:00 we were so ready for the hot and mildly spicy Chili!  That night I received several DM's asking for the here it is.

Momma's Farmhouse Chili

2 Bear Creek That Darn Chili Mixes
2 Large cans of Tomato Sauce
1 Large Can of Tomato Paste
2 Lbs. of Fresh Ground Beef
2 Large Onion Finely, Chopped
1 Garlic, Minced
2 Large Cans of Kidney Beans
2 Tbs of Chili Powder
1 Teas Red Pepper Flakes
1/4  Taco Seasoning
1/4 Dark Cocoa Powder
2 Tbs Ground Cumin
Liquid Smoke
Sea Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper
Grated Sharp Cheddar
Sliced Limes
Fresh Salted Chips

1.  In a deep pot, add olive oil and heat.  Saute' garlic and onion until translucent.  Add ground beef and brown.  Drain off fat.

2.  Add Kidney Beans, tomato sauce, tomato paste and mix in.  Continue to heat.  Add all spices except for the cocoa.

3.  Add water to the spicy beef mix and heat to a high simmer.   Add the Bear Creek That Darn Good Chili Mix and simmer for 10 minutes.

4.  Turn down to low and slow cook for a half hour.  Add the cocoa and four dashes of Liquid Smoke.

5.  Cover and slow simmer on low until thickened and ready to serve.  This can be kept warm in a slow-cooker and served with brats, potato wedges, as a nacho topping or with a big bowl of goodness.

6.  My favorite way to east this is scooped into bowls with grated sharp Cheddar Cheese, chopped Cilantro and a squeeze of Lime for freshness....and a side of good tortilla chips.

So, there you have it!  A really thick chili recipe that starts with the base of a mix and becomes something spectacular.  We make this big batch and freeze it for BBQs in the summer and sledding parties in the winter.  It is so thick you can spoon onto burgers, brats or on a study chip.  

I hope you enjoy this!

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Prism Star Barn Quilt

Prism Star Barn Quilt

Our newest barn quilt in the Tweetle Dee family is bursting with 54 shades of perfectly vintage inspired colors all from our Prairie Paints collection.  The Prism Star Barn Quilt is now in In The Shop in four sizes, including a big glorious 55" framed beauty.  

All of our barn quilts begin with treated reclaimed wood, hand picked and coated in our Prairie Paint base colors.  Each design is hand drawn and painted with special attention to the character of the wood beneath.  Once the paints have cured, frames are added and the entire piece is sealed in a special oil that brings luster to each color and any exposed wood.  This treatment insures that your one of a kind barn quilt will last for years whether you display it inside or outside your home.

All of our paints are available on our site as well as this gorgeous barn quilt.  Use code: thankyou to receive 10% off your order for being one of our loved blog subscribers.  We will be releasing a pattern for this newest barn quilt at the first of the year, so watch for it if you are wanting to paint one of these for yourself.  

We wish you a wonderful day full of things to celebrate, dream over, and create together!  xo

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Winter Blooms Embroidery Kit

With the first snow falling on our mountain I brought out my embroidery basket and began to stitch with a little winter white wool to make this Winter Bloom sampler.  There is just something about the long, cold wintery nights that makes stitching by the fire feel like home.

Our Winter Bloom Embroidery Kit is simple enough for beginners and makes a perfect gift.  It includes everything you need to complete this winter go to The Shop and grab a kit for you or your stitching friends!  

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Amish Star Barn Quilt

There is something about simple lines and color that is beautiful.  The Amish Star Barn Quilt is one of our favorites whether it is made in fabric or paint.  The simple star shines with one color or two or maybe three.  Our newest barn quilt now has a pattern in The SHOP.

Our full color pattern includes step by step instructions, as well as a Prairie Paint Color Guide and samples for different ways this simple star can be adapted to add more dimension.  It is a wonderful beginner quilt to paint.

We are happy to offer this pattern as a PDF Download or as a shippable paper pattern.  I am excited to paint one for the holidays with different colors, so watch my Instagram @thetweetledeedesignco for ideas and inspirations with this Amish Star.  

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Layered Fall Porch Decor

My husband surprised me on Saturday with a trailer load of corn stalks, some heirloom pumpkins and sunflowers, which meant more layers to our fall front porch.  I love those tall stalks, though our Goldendoodles, Ellie and Bear are not so sure what they are.  the layering all began a month ago when our summer flowers were beginning to wilt.  I replaced the pansies with ornamental cabbages, creeping jenny and black eyed susans.  

Then our littles dragged out the pumpkins and we added some to the porch with height being added in the form of old Georgia fruit baskets.  Then came the stalks and pumpkins...and of course, the Village Square Barn Quilt that went up last Christmas and has lasted all through the year.  I have gorgeous barn quilts for every season, but we just cant seem to take down this one.

The color of our front door is from the Prairie Paints line called Geranium Green.  We painted this last summer to test our new paints to exterior uses, and it has not only held up to freezing snow and extreme heat, but the color is our most asked for shade of green.  It is deep and fresh!  

I hope this has inspired you to layer a few fall elements to your front porch.  I add a little more until it is done.  I think the only thing left to add may be a few spiders before Halloween...but I think Mother Nature will be on that one for me!

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Winter Texas Star & Homesteader Star Patterns

We are so happy to add these two most loved pattern to our Barn Quilt Collection this month.  The Winter Texas Star has the beautiful colors of our Prairie Paints and is so pretty in soft wintery tones.  Each of our patterns include the artwork, traceable templates and grid instructions that allow you to paint your very own barn quilt in any size you desire.

Winter Texas Star Barn Quilt

Homsteader's Star Barn Quilt

All patterns are available as a paper pattern or a PDF Download.  You can find the patterns and paint colors in Our Shop this weekend for 20% off with code Pumpkins. 

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Eight Petal Barn Hex

Eight Petal Barn Hex

The  history of barn quilt hexes is so fascinating to me.  You know I love all things old with a story to be told, so these historical reproductions are dear to my heart.  If you have traveled through the land of the Pennsylvania Dutch you have seen these round hexes decorating the barns of those rolling green hills.  The oldest known barn quilt hexes are about 200 years old, much older than barn quilts.  

These symbols were painted on barns with minimal designs that all represented some blessing or "hex" that the family wished to be bestowed upon them.  Different elements or symbols meant different blessings the family wanted.  In addition to the symbols, color was a significant element of the design.  Each color also represented a virtue the family sought for.  

Black - Binding together
Blue - Peace & Protection
Yellow - Health & Vitality
Green - Growth & Fertility
Red - Love & Devotion
Orange - Success & Strength
White - Purity
Purple - Sacred 
Brown - Earth & Nature

So, as you look around at our Barn Quilt Hexes and see our Eight Petal Barn Hex you will see colors all together representing peace, health, growth, love, strength and the binding together of our family.  Can you see why I love these hexes.  The symbolism and blessings sought for over a family is special and meant something to those who painted them long ago, as they do for me.

You can find this pattern and many others in Our Shop as well as our Prairie Paints and wood rounds ready for painting!  I hope this inspires you to paint a hex or blessing for your family.

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Roasted Vegetable Pasta Sauce

We planted an early garden this spring and had so many vine ripened tomatoes this year, more than any other previous year.  We picked an entire bowl of them a couple of weeks ago and didn't want to see them go to waste while we ran out of time to can them, so we made a Roasted Vegetable Pasta Sauce.

My favorite way to eat vegetable is to slow roast them with olive oil and sea salt.  It's like heaven on a pan!  This recipe is so quick and easy, and there is no canning involved, I promise.  To make this sauce you will want to gather your red tomatoes, some green peppers, onion, garlic and herbs.  You can add other vegetables that you like, I added carrots because I love the taste of them roasted with tomatoes.  Basically anything you love in a pasta sauce, and be added to this magical sauce.  

I coasted the bottom of a baking pan with Olive Oil and began washing and chopping the vegetables, adding them to the pan in layers.  I picked some fresh Basil and Thyme leaves, added a few springs of Rosemary and Red Pepper Flakes.  The garlic cloves I left whole.  I drizzled the vegetables with another dose of Olive Oil and salt and pepper.  

Then I placed the trays into the oven at 375 degrees and roasted them for about 45 minutes until the vegetables were caramelized and tender.  I removed them from the oven and let them cool.  Then scooped the goodness into a blender and pulsed it a few times and then turned it on for about 30 seconds to blend all that yumminess into a sauce.  I wish I could write the amazing aroma that was coming from the kitchen that morning.  It was absolutely divine.

I let it all cool in the fridge and then saved the sauce in gallon sized freezer bags        (double bagged) for us to enjoy with pasta of our favorite squash noodles.  That night we had Spaghetti Squash with a ladle of the Roasted Vegetable Pasta Sauce on it...and a little bit of Parmesan Cheese for good measure.  This sauce is my new favorite way to make pasta sauce.  We tried it with our homemade pizza this weekend and was even better than a Margaretta Sauce.  It is simply the best.  You can go to my Instagram feed to watch my Reels to see it being made.  


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Farmhouse Barn Quilt Pumpkins

Fall is here and our Farmhouse Hexie Pumpkins are getting all primped up with bold colors in fabric and our gorgeous Prairie Paints!  We filmed a segment with our favorite daytime lifestyle show Fresh Living and showed several ways you can decorate our loved ready to decorate Farmhouse Hexie Pumpkins.

They come ready to stain, paint or Modge Podge with your favorite designs.  For me, I choose to Modge Podge them with my most adored fabrics designed by some of my friends.  I layed the pumpkin down with the fabric wrong side up and traced out the shape.  Then I cut out the fabric panels and brushed one layer of Modge Podge down on the wood, layed the fabric over it and brushed a second coat on top.  This seals the fabric so well!  Make sure the bubbles are out by flattening it with your fingers or a dry brush.

Let the Modge Podge fully dry.  Once it is dry you can trim off any excess fabric with a sharp cut knife or a sander will remove any access as well.  I used my sander on the corners and edges of the fabric pumpkins to distress them.  With the Modge Podge dry, I was able to dry brush some of our Prairie Paints Oil Stain onto the fabrics to give an all over aging to them.  It was so pretty over the Coneflowers and polka-dots.  After I brushed the stain on I wiped it off with a dry cloth and let it dry.

If you are wanting to trace on a quilt block pattern, florals, or wording, I recommend you use my favorite a Carbon Transfer PaperCut a piece off of the carbon paper that equals the size of your pumpkin.  Lay it over the pumpkin and place the image you are wanting to trace on top of the carbon paper.  Use a soft lead pencil to trace the design onto your pumpkin.  Lift the design and you are ready to paint in your detailed design!  You can watch a tutorial for this type of transfer on my Tweetle Dee You Tube Page.  

This weekend all of our Farmhouse Hexie Pumpkins are 20% off as well as our other kits, patterns, barn quilts and embroidery pieces!  You can save big with code :  Pumpkins!

I hope you find yourself a Farmhouse Hexie Pumpkin and get it all primped up for the fall season!  I love mine so much, they might hang around a little longer.  Remember to go to OUR SHOP this weekend and save 20% on all orders with code : Pumpkins!  

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Sunflower Hex Barn Quilt

Welcome to the garden with this gorgeous Sunflower Hex Barn Quilt.  You know my love for old Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Signs and this time year, my garden is bursting with sunflowers.  I wanted a subdued, very-vintage color inspired, sunflower so I went straight to my Prairie Paint Collection and pulled out my favorite Hay-Down and Butter Cream and paired it with two new colors coming to the Prairie Paint family this weekend.

The center color of the sunflower is Iron Gate, which is a gray old looking black.  It is so subtle you really don't notice the difference unless you set it next to Old Crow.  I love this color for old looking blacks, in fact, I loved it so much I dry brushed the frame with it.

This barn quilt is in The Shop for purchase in three gorgeous sizes.  Framed and sealed for indoor our outdoor display.  I am bringing mine into the house this afternoon to go over my mantle.  Check out my Instagram stories for pics.  If you love subtle fall colors, this is the Sunflower for you.  It's even more gorgeous in person.

Sending a garden full of Sunflower Hex Barn Quilt Blessings your way.

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New Fall Barn Quilt Patterns

Two new fall barn quilt pattern are In The Shop today!  The Gingham Pumpkin and the much awaited Blue Belle Barn Quilt.  These are two of our most loved barn quilts and now they are available as a paper pattern or a PDF download for you to paint one of your very own.  Each of our patterns comes in full color with step by step instructions, templates, grids and Prairie Paint Color Guides.  

We hope you grab one or both of these patterns and add them to your fall decor.  Heck, the Blue Belle is so gorgeous, you will want it around all year.  

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