Holly Wreath Embroidery Kit

It's a very merry week here at Tweetle Dee.  It's the week of Christmas and amid the hustle to wrap, cook, and be present, we have found that setting aside a few moments to hand embroider has brought a slow calm to the evenings together.  Any of you have attended our embroidery workshops know that my husband and sons all hand embroider along with me.  

This hand winter piece was hand drawn onto the fabric while we were in Indianapolis teaching a two day set of embroidery classes and we all took turns stitching it as we traveled back home, and taught in SLC and AZ.  I love when one piece has the work of many hands.   The memories make it even more beautiful.

We now have the Holly Wreath Embroidery Hoop available in our shop as a kit that includes everything you need to make this gorgeous winter wreath.  We also have full color patterns available in paper print and as a downloadable PDF pattern.  

If you are new to hand embroidery, all of our embroidery patterns have basic stitches with a twist that give extra dimension and texture to an ordinary stitch.  On our Tweetle Dee YouTube Channel you can find three minute videos for each stitch as well as videos on beginning and finishing a hoop-art embroidery piece.  

We hope you each have a wonderful holiday season, and find something that you can create with your hands while you celebrate together and hope for a happy new year.  xo

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Winter Flake Barn Quilt

Once in a while a quilt block becomes the inspiration for a piece of art, in this case a painted barn quilt.   I am so honored to have been blessed to paint the Winter Flake Quilt designed by Katarina Roccella into wood.  I loved the angles of this beautiful flake and new it had to be painted.  

With a "pond" between us, we were able to graph and paint this beauty on a week when Mother Nature dumped four days of snow on our mountain, and then the sun came out just as we finished framing this beautiful quilt block.  

The Winter Flake Quilt Pattern is available through Katarina Roccella at her website.  You can also follow her on Instagram @katarinaroccella or the hashtag #winterflakequilt.  I hope to make this quilt soon in fabric, but for now I'll be happy to have it painted and sparkling in our mountain snow.  Thank you Katarina for the blessing of painting this beautiful barn quilt.  

The colors used from our Prairie Paint line were Apple Orchard, Stony Brook, Blue Spruce, Spring Moss, Lambs Ear and Poppy Pink.  Those of you who have painted with these Gel-chalk Paints know how beautiful they are on wood, and these colors together made the most beautiful Winter Flake.  All of our paints are available in the shop.  

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Mini Barn Quilt Paint Kits

Isn't everything a little cuter when it's mini?  I think so!  Especially when it comes to our favorite quilts in full color, and mini.  New to our shop is a collection of Mini Barn Quilt Paint Kits!

Our favorite barn quilts in a pre-scored 4" wood barn quilt, with all the Prairie Paints and Finishing Wax, brush and instructions too.  We have had so much fun sharing these with customers all over the country this season, and now they are in our shop, all packaged and ready to ship to you.

There are nine quilts in the collection, The Farmer's Daughter, Orchard Star, Old Mill, Rhode Island Star, Texas Star, Ohio Star, Blue Belle, Thistle Place, and Dutch Girl.  See, I told you, all of our favorites in mini little kits ready to paint and hang. 

When we were in Arizona our sweet granddaughter Lila begged to paint one, and with paint pots open and a brush in hand she painted the Blue Belle all by herself.  

She was so proud of herself.  I helped with the stain and the twine, but it was the first ornament on her tree and she did it all by herself!  It was so fun creating that memory with her.  

We love this collection and are looking forward to shipping them out to you and your families, so you can celebrate, and create together for the holiday.  In case you are wondering what to do with them after the tree comes down, we have you covered with a collector frame to hold them all together as a wall hanging.

Each of the kits and the collector frame is available in our shop this week with 15% off all orders through Christmas with code Merry!  We hope you love these Mini Barn Quilt Paint Kits as much as we do.  Happy Holidays!

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Barn Star and Hex Kits

Among the rolling hills of Pennsylvania,  you will find barns with colorful symbols and stars.  These beautiful painted signs are called hexes and barn stars.  The Pennsylvania Dutch hung them on their barns to bring blessings to their families.  Some of the symbols brought protections, some sun and rain, some were thought to bring happiness and success.  

New to our Tweetle Dee Barn Star and Hex Collection are eight beautiful hexes.  Each design is available as a Ready To Paint Kit or alone as pre-drawn round board.  

Unity Star Barn Hex

The Unity Star or the Twelve Point Star is one of my personal favorites.  The way the colors spin into each other creates the illusion of a kaleidoscope.  The Twelve Points represented the twelve apostles of Christ.  Each color also represents a value or blessing sought, so as they all twist together, you can see the symbolism of unity.  We have had the Unity Star Barn Hex hanging on our home for many years, as it is the one blessing I seek for my large family with all of our different needs and personalities.  

Bounteous Blessings Barn Hex

The Bounteous Blessings Barn Hex is an original Tweetle Dee design.  I choose the center of stars to symbolize good luck.  The hearts symbolize the blessing of love and flowers the prospect of growth and renewal.  I love painting this design and I am so happy to be able to share it with you.

1849 Barn Star 

The 1849 Star is a replica of one of the oldest visible barn hexes painted onto a barn.  The six points represent the six day of creation from the Bible.  Being a creator, this star has a special meaning to me.  Particularly the way the colors flip-flop from the center to the outside.  Creating is meant to be a changing process, one where you begin with a concept and as the artist, you sometime evolve with your creation and come up with something very different than what you began with.   I love the old colors in this design, all of which are a part of our Prairie Paint line.

Eight Point Barn Hex

The Eight Point Star represented the resurrection of Christ, as He rose on the first day of the week following his death.  It symbolizes renewal and new beginnings.  Painted in different colors can also bring an added blessing sought in the hex with the color references below;

Yellow - Abundance
Orange - Energy and Creativity
Red - Love and Connection
Pink - Love 
Purple - Intuition and Spiritual Ties
Blue - Peace and Protection
Green - Growth and Renewal
Black - To Bind Together
White - Purity

Danish Blessings Barn Hex

The Danish Blessings Barn Hex is also an original design by us at Tweetle Dee and brings together the symbols of growth in the flowers and leaves, the brightness of the yellows in wishing for abundance, red in love, blue for peace, green for growth and the black circle in the sun to bind both heaven and earth together.  All things that are important to my heart.  Besides, being a Danish girl the design reminds me of the Pennsylvania Dutch Hexes I grew up seeing, so home is always close.

I hope you can see from this post why I am drawn to the Hexes and Barn Stars of the area I call home.  In painting them, gifting them, and placing them on my home, I know the meaning behind what I painted and what I wish for my family and friends who come to my home.

I hope that you will go look at our collection of Barn Stars and Hexes in both our Ready to Paint Boards and Barn Star Hex Kits.  The kits come with all the colors and instructions to paint your own hexes.  As always, I can't wait to see what you choose.  

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Chadwick Farms and Swiss Christmas

It has been a long time coming, but here are the two most requested patterns of 2022, The Swiss Christmas Barn Quilt Pattern and Chadwick Farms.  We are so excited to have them printed and in our shop ready for shipping this week!  

The Swiss Christmas is a striking clean and simple little tree, made of Swiss Crosses and painted in my favorite Prairie Paint greens.  This design is an original from us at Tweetle Dee and was created to honor our Swiss friends, and there love of simple design.  For years, we have brought this with us to all of our Swiss events and it is a much loved design.  Now, the pattern is available as a PDF download or a paper pattern, ready for shipping to your mailbox.  

Chadwick Farms was a custom design for a family in the east, who loved the Blue Willow paint color from our Prairie Paint Collection and wanted to design a classic looking original quilt design for their farm.  Those opportunities are what motivates us to create from the heart.  We have had so many of you ask for this design in a pattern, and now it is here in the shop as a PDF download and a paper pattern too.

If your are wanting to paint one for the holidays, and one for January, this combination is pure perfection.  We have sent both designs out to have them made into paintable mini and large kits, in case you like an option with everything included.  

Our patterns include the instructions, paint guide and templates to make our design into wall art of any size.   They are beginner friendly and join our collection 0f 170+ Tweetle Dee Designs.  We hope you find them something to celebrate, dream and create in your own home.  

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