The Austin Star Barn Quilt

The Austin Star Barn Quilt is our newest design in the Tweetle Dee family of stars.  It is the perfect hybrid of our Texas and Lonestar quilt designs with so many diamonds to show off the gorgeous colors in our Prairie Paint Collection.  We named it The Austin Star with the bright white star in the middle, just like the city of Austin sits in the middle of the great state of Texas.  

I think most of our 58 colors are in this design, and gorgeous dark Iron Gate background sets them all off perfectly.  This barn quilt is ready to order in our shop and comes framed in four sizes.  All of our barn quilts are hand painted and sealed for indoor our outdoor display.  

With the release of this new quilt, we are also running our Fall Sale until the end of September, which means all orders, classes and supplies are 25% off with code Fall25.  This is the perfect time to find a kit, embroidery project, frame or a barn quilt to love and to give.  We hope you find the perfect quilt or project to celebrate, dream and create a little joy in your life this fall.  

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