Barn Quilt Ornament Sets

The holidays are here is December 1st less than a day away.  I've packed up all the fall and have brought our all the bins of Christmas.  It's so much, but one of our favorite seasons to decorate for.  When the tree is up and the lights are on, it feels magical.  This season we are so happy to share with you are Barn Quilt Ornament Set.

Each set comes with four wood ornaments carved in our two most loved designs, the Texas Star and the Amish Hex Twelve Point Star.  If you follow us, you know we love color, but for these ornaments I can't think of anything more beautiful than the rich colors of our Prairie Paint Stain and Finishing Wax over these ornaments.  With the cut out pieces, the lights just glows through them, and they were our children's favorite ornaments to hang on this years tree.

We have sets all packed and ready to ship to you for your decorating and gift giving this season.  The ornaments are 4" x 4" and come with a silver wire and crystal bead hanger.  

We hope you find a special place on your tree for your Barn Quilt Ornaments this year.  This week take 10% off all orders with code Thankyou10.  It's our way of saying thank you for making this season so blessed for our families.  

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Blue Spruce Barn Quilt

Our newest barn quilt release is the Blue Spruce.  When we were traveling to visit our family in NY, we wanted to give a barn quilt to my cousin to hang at the farm. She wanted something with pine trees.  Her home is surrounded by tall, beautiful pine trees and at the end of the orchard is this old pole barn.  The perfect place for a barn quilt designed with long wispy pine boughs and cones. 

The orchard was one of our favorite places as kids.  There were apple trees that were loving cared for by our grandfather who loved to graft different kind of apples together.  The apples gathered and made into cider, was a treat for all of us.  Among the apple trees were tall pines that danced in the breezes that came across the green, rolling hills of the upstate New York farm.  

Some still stand today, and are now cared for by my cousin and her husband with as much love as our grandfather had for them.  It's a place of beauty and peace.  So, it was a honor to design a barn quilt that had the grace and subtle colors of the pine cones and boughs.  

We have now added this design to our shop for orders.  It is a beautiful design and perfect for the season.  We hope to release the kit and pattern for Thanksgiving.  You can watch for the release through our newsletter.  For now, we are excited to open this design for holiday orders.  Available in three sizes from 33" to 55".  Its a beauty!

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