Prairie Paints Collection

After years of painting furniture and thousands of barn quilts always mixing our perfectly subtle, aged paint colors we decided it was time to create our own line of paints called, Prairie Paints. 

 Our hand blended paints are a Chalk-Gel paint that are formulated to be;

+ Unbelievably smooth and thick to avoid runs and seepage under tape.

+  Superior coverage with 32 vibrant subtle colors that cover in one coat.

+ Built in top coat that dries without needing a sealer or wax.

+  Safe to use is zero VOC, non-toxic formulation, & odorless

Our Prairie Paints have been tested on large pieces of furniture, indoor and outdoor elements, kitchen cabinetry and of course our hand painted barn quilts!  The colors hold up to all elements and look beautiful alone and with our Prairie Paint Aging Waxes and Finishing Oils.  

You will love painting with our unique Prairie Paints!

A Few of our Favorite Prairie Paint Projects

We have so much fun this week with our Deconstructed Sofa project!  We found it on a whim trip to our local antiques shop while we were looking for a small piece of furniture to paint our with our new line of Tweetle Dee Paints, and instead we came home with an incredible antique sofa for $35.00.  It was solid wood and so well constructed that we knew it would be as beautiful under the fabric as it was above.

Both of us have reupholstered furniture before, but never had we taken a piece apart with the plan to leave it half ripped apart.  The trend for Deconstructed Furniture is huge on the farmhouse decor scene and for good reason.  With the clean lines of the wood frames and inner pieces of leather, burlap, linen, ticking, etc. you see the beauty of the piece in a new way.

The best way to begin is to just rip into it!  Seriously rip into it.  We felt across the top and looked for a good spot to cut.  Because the top fabric was in such good condition we decided to not take it off.  We would cover over it with the drop cloth fabric, so no need to take it off.  We removed all the rest slowly...slowly!  I used a screwdriver and a set of pliers to pry a thousand or more staples and nails out of solid hard wood.  Sometimes we just had to feel across it to see if you missed one, which gave us both a few slivers.

Once the wood was cleared of everything, we sanded it and filled some of the holes with drywall plaster.  We love using that for fill on antique pieces because it leaves a small mark showing the wear and not a perfect finish, which you want in a re-purposed antique piece!  We sanded the rough fill off and painted the wood with our Tweetle Dee Vintage White Chalk Paint and loved how well it covered.  

After paint we sanded and chipped some of the paint away to show the wood in places where time would have worn it off.  My biggest pet peeve in distressing is when a someone distresses a piece in places that they would not have worn.  You want a piece to look like to was worn and well loved NOT just hammered and chipped on purpose. 

One of our secrets is to use Acetone over your distressing to smooth out the paint.  It makes the transition from paint to wood soft.  Use a soft clean cloth and wipe a little of it on and rub slightly to wear down the rough edges.

We purchased two large drop cloths and about four yards of burlap.  Using an electric stapler we tacked in the burlap and pieces of linen through the gaps where the original fabric had gone.  We covered raw edges with sisal rope, tacking it in as well.  The beauty of this piece is the hand stitching along the outer seams.  We wanted it to show so using an upholstery needle and twine, we hand stitched the piece in places where the seams showed and across the front edge. Then we hand stitched the drop cloth to the seat cushions with little stitches showing.   

We loved this project so much that we are going to tackle our leather sofa and chaise lounger next!  It will take a few weeks before we can post pictures as we have orders and a few workshops coming up...but it will be soon.  If you live in the Wasatch Front and have a piece you want deconstructed and recovered, shoot us an email and we will see what we can do for you!

Welcome to the enchanting world of Prairie Paint Candle Co., where candle scents are inspired by the breathtaking colors of the prairie landscape. Our debut collection features a range of captivating fragrances designed to evoke the essence of the prairie's natural beauty.

The opening collection introduces six delightful scents:

  • Desert Rose: A delicate blend reminiscent of blooming desert flowers under the warm sun.
  • Wood Shed: The comforting aroma of freshly cut wood, evoking memories of cozy evenings.
  • Geranium Petals: Floral notes that transport you to a lush, blooming garden.
  • Apple Orchard: Crisp and sweet, capturing the essence of ripe apples in an orchard.
  • Sugar Maple: A warm, inviting fragrance with hints of maple, reminiscent of autumn days.
  • Milavender Mae: A unique fusion of milky creaminess and soothing lavender.

Prairie Paint Apple Orchard Candle

Prairie Paint Apple Orchard Paint

Each candle is meticulously hand-poured using a special blend of beeswax, soy wax, and goats milk. The addition of goats milk gives our candles a warm, creamy glow and enhances their scent, offering a richer scent experience.

Prairie Paint Candle Co. is the brainchild of Tweetle Dee Design Co., a passionate team dedicated to creating products that celebrate nature's beauty. We are inspired by the prairie's stunning hues and aim to bring that inspiration into your home.

Prairie Paint Milavender Mae Candle

Prairie Paint Milavender Mae Paint

Prairie Paint Candle Co. is the brainchild of Tweetle Dee Design Co., a passionate team dedicated to creating products that celebrate nature's beauty. We are inspired by the prairie's stunning hues and aim to bring that inspiration into your home.

Prairie Paint Geranium Petal Candle

We believe candles should not only illuminate but also elevate your space. Whether you're unwinding after a long day or seeking creative inspiration, our candles provide the perfect ambiance. We love lighting them around our home, especially in spaces where we celebrate, dream, and create.

Prairie Paint Wood Shed Candle

Prairie Paint Wood Shed Paint

Our candles are available in convenient 4 oz. sizes, perfect for trying out different scents or gifting to loved ones. Visit our online shop to explore the full Prairie Paint Candle Co. Collection and discover which scent speaks to you.

Prairie Paint Desert Rose Candle

At Prairie Paint Candle Co., we invite you to embrace the beauty of the prairie with each flicker of light and each delightful scent. Transform your space into a haven of tranquility and inspiration with our handcrafted candles. Let the colors and fragrances of the prairie paint your world.

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