Barn Quilts - Beehive Bazaar

Last summer our family had the chance to drive across our country not once, but twice!  We loved the time together and the view from our car windows.  The massive Rocky Mountains, which lead to the flat fields of Nebraska and then onto the gorgeous rolling farm lands of Iowa the Great Lakes and then to home in the green tree covered land of upstate New York...home!

One of my favorite sites were the old farms along the way and the large colorful "quilts" that hung from them.  I mean two loves quilts + old barns together?  Of course I fell in love with this movement!

 When we passed through Iowa I asked what they were and found the local area painted and decorated their barns to participate in a visitor's tour of the local farms. People would find a quilt block that symbolized their old quilt that grandma had made or one that had been passed down over the years, and painted it on wood to hang from their barns.

They were so colorful set across the green fields ...I went crazy for them and decided when I came home that I wanted to make one for our home.

 My husband had a large pile of reclaimed wood from his construction-demolition projects and I had him build a few pallets for me to paint.  You know I love quilting with the geometric patterns and the mix of colors, but who knew this little project would become a new obsession!?!

This week I will be at the Beehive Bazaar selling a "few" of my favorite boards.  All of them hand painted, one of a kind originals...meaning no two are the same.  If you are in the Provo, Utah area this weekend, you should stop by.  There is a new location, the food truck roundup on Thursday night, and tons of original items from some of the most unique designers around!  

I hope to see you there...

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Hi....I'm back!

Hi...I'm back!!!  I took a break from my work to enjoy the month of March with my sweet family.  As you may know, I am the mother of seven children and four step-children.  That number has multiplied as they have married and blessed us with six amazing grandchildren! Most of our married children live out of state and we were blessed to have all but one of them home for the month of March. It meant that our home was bursting at the seams and it seemed we cooked around the clock...but I was in heaven with them home! 

We had a ton of family events throughout the month, you know...three birthdays, a baby blessing, a school play, oh....and a son leaving on a mission!!!  We are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, or as most people call us...the Mormons.  Our son Neal decided to serve a mission for the church and was asked to serve in the Lansing, Michigan mission for the next two years. (He's the middle one of these three handsome boys..)  Which meant a lot of events getting him ready for his departure...and a lot of fun leading up to the heart-tugging goodbye.

We got to celebrate our little Abigail's second birthday!

  Maggie, Taylor and Baby Jude

Michael, Chelsea and their baby puppy

Camilla, Mike and their sweethearts...Abigail, Gracie, and Michael

 Kristina and Josh..the lovebirds!

Brandy, Tom and Little Nick

Crystal and Adam...just love them!

Our last few minutes with Neally....


Followed by a trip to the Zoo... (we had to do something fun to forget our tears)

Safari Grandpa


We are soooo grateful and blessed by our big family.  I grew up most of my childhood without family around and I can't explain the joy and love we feel when our children are home.  There were many times when all eleven of them were home that I thought I was loosing my mind and didn't know what to do....but I am soooo thankful we didn't give up. We can honestly say we love everyone of our sons and daughter-in-laws like our own children....and don't even ask about those six grand babies...because they are the loves of my life!

I am starting back to work this week preparing for a show the end of April and one in August...a lot of painting and sewing is ahead, but I would trade it all to have the month of March all over again.  I thank God for the blessing of being a wife, mother and grandmother everyday.

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