Western Star Barn Quilt

When you get commissioned to design a star to represent the western rancher you look at colors and shapes of the old ranches around you with new eyes.  I was thrilled to have the chance to design a barn quilt and fabric quilt for this project and am so happy to bring to you the Western Star Barn Quilt.

I love the western skies at night with the big expanses so I knew one mighty star needed to be the focal point.  I choose the Prairie Paint colors of Cattle Drive Coffee for the frame and the star, one because I love how dark it is and secondly, it reminded me of the old weathered oiled barns I have seen in my travels through western ranch land.

The golden color of Hay Down represented the waves of grain and dried grasses bursting out of the barns.  The gaps of Simple Cream are the mixed into the star which shows the light coming through the barns beams.  The Pigeon Cove grey is so beautiful in this barn quilt.  If you have seen the western sky with the sun fading into the rest of the day it most often has shades of light blue to soft grey.  The Pigeon Cove was perfect mix of sky colors and set off the browns and golden hues so well.

I am so in love with this new Western Sky Barn Quilt!  It is simple and so striking, which are honestly my favorite kinds of quilts.  I am currently sewing this up into a fabric quilt and can't wait to show it to you soon.  For now, the pattern, barn quilt kit and already painted barn quilts for this newest Tweetle Dee design are in the shop ready for orders.  

We hope you love this design as much as we we did.  Designing a custom is such a treat and we can't wait to see this design painted in the many colors of our Prairie Paints.   Hint - Christmas colors would be gorgeous in this design!!!  Just sayin.

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Sugar Maple Barn Quilt

Our new fall barn quilt design is the Sugar Maple and it is by far my favorite fall barn quilt I have ever designed and painted.  At each step of the process I fell more in love with the simplicity of the design, but the repeat pattern brought even more depth, and then the color!  The Prairie Paint 2021 Fall Collection was amazing on this barn quilt.  

The Simple Cream was the base, with it's warm white and the deep pigment, it set off the colors of Sugar Maple and Sweet Potato Pie.  Then the border or frame, we usually stain our frames, but for this one I painted the cedar with the Cattle Drive Coffee paint prior to stain and it's color is amazing.   It's a deep brown with undertones of black that trick the eye into an illusion of questioning whether it is a brown or a black or is it ebony stain?  It is an amazing paint color and was perfect to frame the Sugar Maple Barn Quilt.

For my barn quilt addict friends who like to paint your own barn quilts, we have a large kit for this design.  The kit measures 33" square with the frame attached.  All the paints and brushes are included.  We also released the pattern this fall so you can paint this design now.  The pattern is available in a shippable paper format or as a PDF download.  

We hope you enjoy this design!  It is in our shop for orders in three gorgeous sizes and will ship by October.  The kits, paints and patterns are ready to ship now.  If you are purchasing this Labor Day weekend, be sure to use code Labor20 for 20% off your order.  

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Fall Prairie Paint Colors


Our new fall Prairie Paints are in The Shop and ready for all of your fall inspired projects.  We are so in love with the warm tones of fall and even more in love with these four rich, vintage inspired colors.   There is Sugar Maple which is shown in the above photo.  It is a deep, warm gold that was inspired by the large golden Sugar Maple leaves that grow and fall in our forest.  Their color lights up with the autumn sun and this color will bring that same glow to your home.

Simple Cream

Simple Cream is a beautiful creamy warm white.  It is now my absolute favorite of white.  In fact, I may be repainting most of my white furniture in it before winter sets in.  I painted my newest fall barn quilt design in it and am more in love than I can handle!

Sweet Potato Pie

Sweet Potato Pie looks like sweet potato pie filling with the subtle browns of spice.  You will love this color for barn quilts and home projects too.  It is especially rich when sealed in stain.  I love my oranges when they have hints of dark undertones.   

Cattle Drive Coffee

Oh man, this color is amazing!  It is my deepest brown ever.  What I love about it is how true it is to it's name.  It has such a deep brown color you may think it is black, but trust me, it is a deep and rich as a pot of slow roasted and fire roasted coffee.  I used this color in the frame of my new fall barn quilt which releases on Friday and oh boy it is gorgeous!

So there you have it!  Our Fall 2021 Prairie Paints colors.  They are the very best of the light and warmth of autumn.  They have inspired me to repaint furniture and a few of my traditional designs for a new fresh fall look.  You can find them in Our Shop in varying sizes.  So, you can paint as much as you like!  Be sure to send me pictures of your completed Prairie Paints projects.  Happy Fall y'all!

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