Barn Quilt Table Runners

Tis the season to gather family and friends around our tables, so I thought I would add my favorite barn quilt designs to my tablescapes this year.  They add a element of color and texture to your table.  They are super easy to make and so on trend with the farmhouse style we all love! 

All you need to make a barn quilt table runner is a surface to paint.  I make most of my barn quilt boards myself and they can be purchased on in my shop, but if you are anywhere near a Joann's or a Home Depot, it is just as easy to find pre-cut and sanded wood bases for under $10.00.  

I also visited my local Habitat For Humanity and found old cupboard doors for under $3.00 that work fantastically!  If you are using a board that is pre-finished, I recommend painting your base coat in chalk paint because you don't have to prepare the wood.  If you are using an unfinished wood, any acrylic paint will work for a base coat.

Once you have your wood and it is prepped with a base coat, you are ready to paint your design.  I love traditional and simple geometric designs.  You can find a variety of patterns on my site, my Instagram (@tweetledeedesignco), and on Pinterest.  I also have a full tutorial on How to Paint a Barn Quilt which will give you all the painting and finishing techniques you will need.

I love to use my square barn quilts as serving stations, such as the hot cocoa station pictured below.  They work great as serving trays and show off your pies and cakes beautifully!

I recommend finishing your barn quilts off with a 50/50 mixture of stain and Linseed Oil. This seals the wood and antiques it slightly.  It also makes your barn quilt wood food safe.  So you can serve your favorite appetizers, cookies, cakes, right off of your barn quilt!  How cute is that?

If you want your barn quilt elevated you can find legs at Home Depot for under $4.00.  All  you need to do is pre-drill a hole where you want your leg, add a little wood glue for stability, and screw in the leg.  Let dry and paint.

I hope this post has given you some ideas on how to use your barn quilts in new ways, and that your holiday table and treats shine especially bright this season!  You can watch the full segment on KUTV Fresh Living.  Happy Holidays!

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