Top Pattern Trend for 2016

I love when you have a vision of something that is going to be big and then it is!  You all know how much I LOVE the geometric shapes and bold bursts of color that you get in these traditional barn quilts...and now it is here as Scotch Blue Top Pattern Trend for 2016!

I loved this article and the pattern links.  Go take a look and I challenge you to find a space in your home to go big and bold with color and paint!  I know I am more inspired from this article and already have a wall I'm going to use these ideas on!!!
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She Was a Wildflower

Once in a while there is a saying that just sticks to your heart...
I heard this saying a few months ago and fell in love with it.  Maybe it was because our Maggie's birthday was coming up and she was on my mind...but for me this saying "In a Field of Roses...She was a Wildflower" is for her.    
She came to this world with the courage to be herself...a joy that bursts out and makes everything bright...a heart large enough to love even the ones who seem unlovable...and a smile that lights up the universe.  
She has always been my wildflower ....never worrying about what the world thought she should be...she is her own.   
She is now a mommy of her own little guy and an amazing wife too....and loving life everyday.  She is an inspiration to me and I feel very blessed to be her mother and friend!
So this stitch is on it's way to California with a box of her favorite Swig Cookies...wish I could send a Bloody Wild too....guess it will have to wait until she gets back to Utah!  I posted the pattern in The Shop for you to stitch for your own "wildflowers"!!!  Happy Birthday Maggie...I love you!

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Families Are Like Quilts

Sometimes you find a saying that just sticks to your heart...

I saw this saying many years ago when my children were just little and it stuck to my heart, not even knowing how true it would be in my life.  "Families are like quilts.  Sometimes they become unraveled...but they can always be stitched back together with love."  I think of this saying every time our family seems to get a little "unraveled" and remember that the same virtues that it takes to sew a quilt, (passion, patience, vision, love, etc.) are the same that is takes to keep a family "stitched" together.

I just listed this pattern including the stitching guide in The Shop and as a new list gift it's 20% this month!  I hope you are enjoying these fresh new summer days ...grab some stitching and head for the mountains.  It's one of my favorite ways to spend a hot summer day.
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