Sugar Maple Barn Quilt

Our new fall barn quilt design is the Sugar Maple and it is by far my favorite fall barn quilt I have ever designed and painted.  At each step of the process I fell more in love with the simplicity of the design, but the repeat pattern brought even more depth, and then the color!  The Prairie Paint 2021 Fall Collection was amazing on this barn quilt.  

The Simple Cream was the base, with it's warm white and the deep pigment, it set off the colors of Sugar Maple and Sweet Potato Pie.  Then the border or frame, we usually stain our frames, but for this one I painted the cedar with the Cattle Drive Coffee paint prior to stain and it's color is amazing.   It's a deep brown with undertones of black that trick the eye into an illusion of questioning whether it is a brown or a black or is it ebony stain?  It is an amazing paint color and was perfect to frame the Sugar Maple Barn Quilt.

For my barn quilt addict friends who like to paint your own barn quilts, we have a large kit for this design.  The kit measures 33" square with the frame attached.  All the paints and brushes are included.  We also released the pattern this fall so you can paint this design now.  The pattern is available in a shippable paper format or as a PDF download.  

We hope you enjoy this design!  It is in our shop for orders in three gorgeous sizes and will ship by October.  The kits, paints and patterns are ready to ship now.  If you are purchasing this Labor Day weekend, be sure to use code Labor20 for 20% off your order.  

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