Fall Prairie Paint Colors


Our new fall Prairie Paints are in The Shop and ready for all of your fall inspired projects.  We are so in love with the warm tones of fall and even more in love with these four rich, vintage inspired colors.   There is Sugar Maple which is shown in the above photo.  It is a deep, warm gold that was inspired by the large golden Sugar Maple leaves that grow and fall in our forest.  Their color lights up with the autumn sun and this color will bring that same glow to your home.

Simple Cream

Simple Cream is a beautiful creamy warm white.  It is now my absolute favorite of white.  In fact, I may be repainting most of my white furniture in it before winter sets in.  I painted my newest fall barn quilt design in it and am more in love than I can handle!

Sweet Potato Pie

Sweet Potato Pie looks like sweet potato pie filling with the subtle browns of spice.  You will love this color for barn quilts and home projects too.  It is especially rich when sealed in stain.  I love my oranges when they have hints of dark undertones.   

Cattle Drive Coffee

Oh man, this color is amazing!  It is my deepest brown ever.  What I love about it is how true it is to it's name.  It has such a deep brown color you may think it is black, but trust me, it is a deep and rich as a pot of slow roasted and fire roasted coffee.  I used this color in the frame of my new fall barn quilt which releases on Friday and oh boy it is gorgeous!

So there you have it!  Our Fall 2021 Prairie Paints colors.  They are the very best of the light and warmth of autumn.  They have inspired me to repaint furniture and a few of my traditional designs for a new fresh fall look.  You can find them in Our Shop in varying sizes.  So, you can paint as much as you like!  Be sure to send me pictures of your completed Prairie Paints projects.  Happy Fall y'all!

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