Appalachain Leaves Barn Quilt

As the leaves begin to crisp and fall up here on the mountain, so does my painting inspiration fall into the rich colors and tones of the leaves.  We were commissioned to paint a falling leaf barn quilt for am old cabin in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia this year, so remote that there is no internet there.  I know, both Mike and me were ready to mover there!  It was charming place with rich red wood trimmed window sills and lots of color in the woods surrounding it.  

We love painting special commissions and especially the colors in this fall design.  We know have this barn quilt in The Shop in four sizes available in limited numbers for this year 2021.  We have also released the Appalachian Leaves Barn Quilt Pattern and DIY Appalachian Leaves Barn Quilt Kit for our brave do it yourselfers!  

All of our barn quilts are hand painted using our richly pigmented and ultra-thick chalk paint from our Prairie Paint Collection.  Each color combination is selected to bring out the pops of interest in each design.  Of course, you can choose any of our Prairie Paint Colors for your quilts, but these are our favorites for this pattern.

Our line of paints has grown and continues to grow through each season.  This years colors have been a perfect blend on deep rich jewel tones and subtle colors of the desert west.  You will enjoy painting with them!  They are extra thick to reduce runs and bleeds when painting with painters tape.  They are equally wonderful to use on furniture or doors or any piece you want beautiful deep vintage colors on.  

We hope you are enjoying the last days of summer and are getting a little inspired with the colors around you to create something for the season.  Our Appalachian Leaves Barn Quilt is a perfect design to begin with.  Whether you want to have one painted and framed by us or want a kit to do it yourself, we have you covered.  Many blessings!

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