New Prairie Paint Colors

This past week our shop busted in joy to have four new Prairie Paint colors!   If you are new here to our site, our Prairie Paints are a gel chalk paint that are super thick and heavily pigmented, which makes them perfect for painting barn quilts and furniture.  We have used them for pieces that are outside and they hold their color after years of sun and snow...which means they wear oh so well inside too.

Our new colors for August are Maidenhair, Asparagus Patch, Autumn Peach and Deseret Rose.  Two fabulous greens that are deep and fresh and two scrumptious pinks.  All are beautiful on their own, but together they are amazing! 

Maidenhair Prairie Paint

Maidenhair Prairie Paint Jar

Deseret Rose Prairie Paint

Deseret Rose Prairie Paint Jar

Asparagus Patch Prairie Paint

Asparagus Patch Prairie Paint Jar

Autumn Peach Prairie Paint

Autumn Peach Prairie Paint Jar

Our paints are available in Our Shop and are perfect for your boho inspired home and farmhouse barn quilts.  You will loved painting with these all new colors and we can't wait to see what you make!  

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