Prairie Paints for Fall

Our beautiful Prairie Paints are getting their fall colors on this week with a 10% sale in the shop  My favorite fall colors are of course our soft pumpkin called Pumpkin Patch.

My next favorite is the Old Walnut which is a subdued plum and with our Natural Stain Finish it takes on a amber - plum color that is so rich and beautiful with all the traditional fall colors.

My next favorite is the Waves of Wheat.  Seriously the warmest, soft tan there is.  This color was inspired by the grains of wheat as they age before harvest.  They have this beautiful tan-cream-with a hint of maize.  It's to die for and I'm painting a hutch with this color next week...so stay tuned!

Our Prairie Paints are a special formula developed by us here at Tweetle Dee.  They are a gel-chalk paint, which makes them very thick and ready to paint with.  No mixing required.  They have all the durability and stick-to-ness of chalk paint, with a soft & smooth glide with our gel.  You will love painting with these colors and the rest of the Prairie Paint Collection.

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