Civil War Barn Quilt Set

Three years ago we launched our first barn quilt collection with the historic Civil War Barn Quilt Collection and today we are re-launching this beloved collection in Black & Bright colors that speak to my soul!  

The colors are as rich as the stories behind each one of these classic quilt blocks from the Civil War Era.   The collection consists of twelve 12" blocks all hand painted in our beautiful Prairie Paints.Each is sealed in a finish that will hold up to any weather or climate, making them perfect for inside or out.   I love the Civil War Barn Quilt Collection in the white background with classic colors, but oh these blacks and brights!

The entire set is on sale through Labor Day at $475.00 with an additional 20% off this week with Code : Fall20!  That is a huge savings for this relaunch of our most popular barn quilt collection.  I can't wait to see which ones you order....either set is stunning and makes a conversational wall collection.

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