Homesteader's Star Barn Quilt

Introducing the newest barn quilt to the Tweetle Dee family, the Homesteader's Star!  We love the simplicity of this beautiful barn quilt. Our Homesteader’s Star is a piece of American history as a tribute to the homesteaders who dreamed of open land, farms and flocks and of course family and community.  

My own ancestors were a part of the homesteaders and I love their stories of taking one square piece of land and turning into their own.  The single square in the center represents the blank square of land they were given and the iron gate points symbolize the black and white pictures and stories they left for us.

This barn quilt is hand painted on reclaimed wood and is  available in OUR SHOP in a variety of sizes,  all of which come framed in our gorgeous Iron Gate Prairie Paint color.   It is a simple and beautiful piece that can be hung indoors or out.  Our barn quilts come sealed for any weather, with a hanger and hardware.   With each piece made from solid reclaimed wood, each barn quilt in our collection is unique.

For inquiries or custom orders, please shoot us an email.  We'd love to hear from you!

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