New Fall Barn Quilt Patterns

Two new fall barn quilt patterns have hit the shop today!  The Turning Sheathes and Sunflower Burst Barn Quilts are available in time for you to make your own fall barn quilts.

Our full color barn quilt patterns include step by step instructions, Prairie Paint Guides to give you perfect color, a finishing guide, and a template/grid that is used to trace or grid your design onto any size barn quilt board.

With thousands of Tweetle Dee friends having taken our workshops, we know that there is complete joy in painting your own barn quilts.  That is why we started the hashtag #barnquiltaddicts and #barnquiltmovement!  There is no way you can paint just one.  As a long time quilt maker and designer, I just couldn't say no to painting one.  They have become a passion!

If you are new to the barn quilt movement or to quilting, you will be happy to know there is a place for you here in our Tweetle Dee community.  Our patterns are a really good place to begin, and if you have a chance to attend one of our workshops across the country, we would love to see you.  If that option is not there, we have our You Tube Channel where you ca watch us in action and reach out with questions.  We are always happy to help!  

We know you will love these fall barn quilts, they are so delish.  I can't wait for another week to bring out the fall vines and pumpkins.  These barn quilts will be throughout my home and front porch.  So choose a paper copy of a PDF and let's get you painting this week too. 

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