Eight Petal Barn Hex

Eight Petal Barn Hex

The  history of barn quilt hexes is so fascinating to me.  You know I love all things old with a story to be told, so these historical reproductions are dear to my heart.  If you have traveled through the land of the Pennsylvania Dutch you have seen these round hexes decorating the barns of those rolling green hills.  The oldest known barn quilt hexes are about 200 years old, much older than barn quilts.  

These symbols were painted on barns with minimal designs that all represented some blessing or "hex" that the family wished to be bestowed upon them.  Different elements or symbols meant different blessings the family wanted.  In addition to the symbols, color was a significant element of the design.  Each color also represented a virtue the family sought for.  

Black - Binding together
Blue - Peace & Protection
Yellow - Health & Vitality
Green - Growth & Fertility
Red - Love & Devotion
Orange - Success & Strength
White - Purity
Purple - Sacred 
Brown - Earth & Nature

So, as you look around at our Barn Quilt Hexes and see our Eight Petal Barn Hex you will see colors all together representing peace, health, growth, love, strength and the binding together of our family.  Can you see why I love these hexes.  The symbolism and blessings sought for over a family is special and meant something to those who painted them long ago, as they do for me.

You can find this pattern and many others in Our Shop as well as our Prairie Paints and wood rounds ready for painting!  I hope this inspires you to paint a hex or blessing for your family.

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