Irish Chain Barn Quilt Pattern

Happy March!  We are so excited to see the snow melting and shades of green popping up between the rocks and sunny spots in our yard.  March is such a magical month in the outdoors and in our hearts.  Green is the color that brings life, newness and hope.   One of my favorite green barn quilts is the Irish Chain Barn Quilt. 

We took the classic design of the Irish Chain and added a clover and those Prairie Paint Juniper Berry anchor points, a frame and there you have a big and beautiful Irish inspired quilt.  We have requests for this pattern for a few years and are so happy to announce that the pattern dropped today into Our Shop

All of our patterns include a template and drawing grid, Prairie Paint color suggestions, and our How to Paint a Barn Quilt instructions.   Patterns are available as PDF downloads and as full color paper patterns that we ship to your door.  Whichever type you choose, you will have plenty of inspiration and the instruction to make your very own Tweetle Dee Irish Chain Barn Quilt. 

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