Wilde Daisy Embroidery Kit

Our Wilde Bloem Collection continues to grow today with the addition of the Wilde Daisy Embroidery Kit.  Daisies dotting the fields and roadways in the rolling fields of the east and northwest are such a beautiful gift from nature.  Have you ever wondered why they grow in tough places?  

Historically Daisies symbolize hope.  When I research the meanings of flowers, I always wonder why a certain meaning is attached to a gift of nature.  I wonder if it's the color, structure, growth patterns, etc.  It's funny to me that I spent many summer afternoons picking petals off of Wild Daisies asking the question. "Does he love me? Does he not?".  Maybe that is the hope?  Maybe it is the color of white with a bright center of yellow.  Yellow like the sun and the light.  Possibly the symbolism of hope surrounding light.

The Wilde Bloem Wilde Daisy Embroidery Kit  includes the instructions, all materials and the frame to complete this beautifully simple flower.  The raised and layered petals of this daisy were created by using two tones of cream and white with long, smooth stitches that are angled to give the illusion of many delicate flowers.  You can watch the stitching of these petals on the Tweetle Dee YouTube Channel.  

We hope you have loved the flowers in the Wilde Bloem Collection.  They will continue to "grow".  In fact, if you follow me on Instagram you can watch me convert my vegetable garden into the Wilde Bloem Garden over the next couple of weeks.  We love these flowers enough to build them a live garden.  So whether you paint, embroider or quilt, you will find kits and patterns to create your own Wilde Bloem Garden too.  

Wishing you a hopeful week!

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