Austin Star Barn Quilt Pattern

Over the stormy grey weekend that we had here is Utah, I had the chance to write the pattern for one of our most asked for patterns, the Austin Star Barn Quilt.  We designed this quilt last summer and painted it with our favorite Prairie Paint Colors against a striking black background.  I love to think of this design as a cross between our most purchased Texas Star and the really big grand dad of all stars, the Lonestar.  

Austin Star Barn Quilt Pattern

Our patterns are designed to be scaled to any size barn quilt board or surface you want to paint a design on.  One of the key issues with scaling a design is how to get something really complicated onto a board and I am so happy to say that our How To Paint A Barn Quilt Guide will answer these questions.  

The biggest issue is just as in fabric quilting, the more complicated the design, or the smaller the block, the more tedious it is for paint of stitch.  Larger is often times so much easier to create.  Our patterns are adaptable to any size.  I have painted stars on little itty bitty barn quilts for birdhouses and angels and have also painted the same design to cover an entire floor.  It is so fun to use the same design in all kinds of places!

Austin Star Barn Quilt

We are excited to add this barn quilt pattern to the collection of amazing quilt patterns you can paint.  We also offer this barn quilt in three sizes with a beautiful frame that can go inside or outside all the year round. 

We have extended our Spring Sale for another week.   The code to save 25% on all orders and class registrations is Spring25!

We wish the happiest of weeks with lots of sunshine and smiles!  

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