A Good Place

The Thistle is a flower with special meaning to my family in New York.  I grew up hearing how the land the farm was built on was chosen by a blind, many greats grandfather named Conrad Lasher.  He traveled to Steuben County with family who were commenting on how big and tall the thistles were growing on the prospective land. 

He asked to feel them and was led to the field and said after touching the purple flowers, "Any land that can grow Thistles this tall, is good land".  They bought the farm and the woods and it all grew, just like the Wild Thistles.  

Today I had a long walk through the farm fields along the river near my home that is 2000+ miles away from the family farm in NY.  The rainy summer we have had, with it's afternoon thunderstorms has reminded me of my NY summers.  As I came around the long stretch of waving fields, there was one very tall and beautiful Thistle.  Behind it, the mountain we love on. 

I walked past the pink flower and then turned around to go back and take a picture.  As I looked through the lens I saw this one lone thistle plant and our home behind it.  I paused and took a deep breath in.  One of those that you remember always and then as I was heading home I looked to my left and saw the two tall blue Harvestor silos across the river and field.  

On our farm in New York were two Harvestor's just like the two in the field in front of me.  I walk this trail several times a week and they are a landmark for me, reminding me of home.  The rain, the thistle and the silos all combined this morning to bring a little bit of my NY home to me in Utah.  

The message I took in is just like my Greats Grandfather Lasher said, a couple hundred years ago, "Any land that can grow Thistles that tall is good land." and so this land that we have made our home is "good land" too.   It's all good when we receive it, with a heart willing to love it and share it.  

So, this was my Celebrate, Dream Create moment for the week.  Maybe, there will be a few more.  I celebrate the words of the past and the experiences I had growing up that made me fall in love with the peace only nature can bring, and the home we have grown into.  It took a weed to symbolize the dream and hope of growth.  That is a message to think about too this week.  

I hope you have a wonderful week ahead full of things to celebrate, hope for and lots of creating.  

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