New Wilde Bloem Flowers

Our two new Wilde Bloem flowers are releasing today.  We are excited to add Bloeming Sunflowers and Wilde Clover to our growing collection of floral inspired barn quilts, barn quilt kits and patterns.   Both of these flowers are dear to our hearts because of the symbolism in each of them.  All of the Wilde Bloem flowers were chosen for their meanings and for design elements that make them extra beautiful in paint and cloth quilts.

Bloeming Sunflower Barn Quilt

Bloeming Sunflower Barn Quilt Kit

The Bloeming Sunflower and Wilde Clover Barn Quilt Kits include a Farmhouse Planked Barn Quilt Board, a pattern and our Prairie Paints to complete each of the barn quilt designs.  The barn quilt boards are 12" square and when painted in a set, make a beautiful piece of wall art, they are also pretty darling as individual quilts.

Bloeming Sunflower and Wilde Clover Barn Quilt Patterns

The Wilde Bloem Barn Quilt Patterns come in full color print that we can ship to you or in a PDF download that you can print yourself.  All of our 183 patterns can be found in Our Shop .  All of our pattern include a full color diagram of the barn quilt, a line pattern, Prairie Paint color selections, and our How To Paint a Barn Quilt instructions.  These patterns have been a reason to celebrate, dream and create for many DIY barn quilters and we hope these designs inspire you to paint one too!

Wilde Clover Mini Barn Quilt

Wilde Bloem Barn Quilt Kit

The Wilde Clover is the symbol of good luck, blessings and fortune and we loved painting this in our freshest Prairie Paint colors.  My favorite is the Alfalfa Bloom, which is the dark and vibrant pink.  Then again, two of my most loved greens are there beside it.  You will love painting with our own blend of gel-chalk paints which have superior coverage and vintage inspired colors you will love.

We hope you are inspired by this Wilde Bloem Collection and will find something to stitch, paint, quilt and love about these special flowers.  

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