Pink Patriot Barn Quilt

Happy 4th of July!  We hope you are having a wonderful summer full of sun, water and lots of flowers.  In honor of the holiday we are releasing our newest barn quilt, the Pink Patriot.  We wanted to design a quilt and barn quilt this year with the soft color of pink in it to pay tribute to the hard working, and hopeful women who who have made sacrifices on behalf of our country.  

There are numerous stories of women in active service away from their loved ones, and women at home in service working to support their loved ones and their country.  I am thankful for their service and hope in making a difference. 

This Pink Patriot Barn Quilt is available for orders today, with the pattern releasing this week.  The Prairie Paint colors in this barn quilt are set off by the subtle pink in Peach Blossom.  One of my favorite pinks.  

You can watch our IG stories for the progress on the fabric quilt as well.  We have a discount code of PinkPatriot this week.  Use it to get 25% off on all orders.  We wish you and yours a wonderful celebration.  

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