Millie's Cardinal Barn Quilt

Every morning we would climb onto Grandma's couch that slide up to the table in front of the window to look out for the birds that visited the feeders she and my Grandpa tended to.  On the breakfast table was a pair of binoculars and a bird identification book.  Maybe they helped us look for birds to keep us little one's busy, but we loved the time looking for one very special bird, the Cardinal.  

She loved those bright red birds, especially against the white snow that drifted on the hills around the farm.  We could see them everywhere when snow fell.  Here is the west I don't see them in the wild, just the ones that have been gifted to me from her collection, and a few my sweetheart has given me to keep the tradition alive.  During the summer her ceramic Cardinal sits in my birdbath and it feels like she loved seeing it too.  

Inspired by my Grandma, I have designed Millie's Cardinal Barn Quilt in the style of our Little Pieces Collection of barn quilts.  We had so much fun adding the half-squares as pines and all the beautiful reds in the Prairie Collection to give each triangle dimension and life. 

This barn quilt has been added to Our Shop today.  We hope you love it as much as I do.  If my family in NY sees this is coming your way.  Mille's Cardinal belongs there and on the barns of all who loved this most beautiful bird.  

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