Fairy Tale Toast

The top food trends this year have everything to do with breakfast.  It should be no surprise to any of us, as it is the first meal of the day and we all need a little something special to get us going.  One of my favorites was the decorated toasts...yes, toast.  It is so simple and quick to make which is a blessing to busy moms and grandmoms.   We are calling our creations Fairy Tale Toast.

Princess Unicorn
The ingredient list you need for these Fairy Tale Toasts are super easy to pick up and store in your fridge and pantry.  You need a hearty bread such as Jack Sprat Wheat Bread, an artisan bread or even an English muffin would do.   The base of the "frosting" is simple whipped cream cheese that you can find in your dairy section.  If you want to cut calories you can use the low-fat option.  

Three Little Bears & Friends

There are two ways you can approach Fairy Tale Toast.  First is a super healthy version with the dyes made from natural ingredients.  Meaning, no artificial coloring.  Or you can use regular food/gel coloring.  I have used both and our kiddos ate both versions up without even knowing the difference.  However,  there is a taste to the natural ingredients that you may not like.  It's really a personal preference.  My opinion is that is you are doing something out of the ordinary a little coloring and a sweet treat does not hurt.

For the natural coloring use - 

Red/Pink - Freeze Dried Strawberries
Blue/Green - Spirulina Powder (Found at most health food stores)
Yellow - Ground Tumeric
Purple/Blue - Acai Powder or Freeze Dried Blueberries

Just add a little of these powders to whipped cream cheese and blend with a spoon until the color is thoroughly distributed.  Hint  - If you want you children to help make the "frostings" mix the powders in a little ahead so they don't know where the colors came from.  I had mine grind the freeze dried strawberries in a Ninja to make the powder.  When they asked about the green/blue powder I told them it was from a green berry.  Yes, I told a white lie, but it got them to eat the whole thing...and they loved it!  So, healthy versions work.

However, if you do not want to mess with the natural powders or expend the cost of the ingredients, you can use simple gel food coloring.  I like the gel because the color is more vibrant and it holds up with the whipped cream cheese.

I like to take a little plastic container that has a lid and add the cream cheese to it.  Add in the coloring and mix with a spoon until the color is all the way mixed.  I like mixing them in a plastic container because I can screw the lid on and keep the extra in the fridge for the next time we want something fun on our toast.

Once you have your "frostings" (whipped cream cheese) ready you can place them on the counter with some smooth knives and let the kiddos decorate their toast.  You can create ocean scenes, rainbows, teddy bears, unicorns, and just about any other magical thing you wish.  After they are is time to finish your masterpieces.

Now for toppings!  I love to place a variety of toppings out for the kids to decorate their toast, but if you wanted to surprise them with a unicorn or teddy bear I think they would love it still the same.  Gather together some berries, sliced bananas, avocado, nuts, or any other fresh topping you like.  Remember to make it colorful and look at it as if it is a art piece.

For the not-so-healthy options I love marshmallows for clouds, licorice ropes for hair and eyes, Buggles for horns, of course you need glitter and sprinkles which can be found in most cake decorating isles.  I also like to use fruit leather for shapes like the beanstalk for our Jack in the Beanstalk and for leaves too.  Just use your food safe scissors to cut out shapes and lay over the whipped frostings.

Rainbows and Magic Dust

You can see how fun these Fairy Tale Toasts can become.  With the cream cheese mixed in containers and a little stash of topping goodies in the pantry, you can whip up a special breakfast in the time it takes to make a piece of toast.  For real...this is my favorite food trend of 2018.  

Jack and the Beanstalk

You can catch my television segment for KUTV Fresh Living by following the link.  We would love to see your creations.  Send pictures to me at my Instagram by tagging @tweetledeedesignco.  I can't wait to see what you and your little ones create!

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