Belle Prairie Barn Quilt Collection

We are so excited to introduce our new Block of the Month Barn Quilt, the Belle Prairie Collection!  The idea for this collection came from our visit last summer to Belle Prairie Nebraska which was the place my Grandmother's Great Grandfather homesteaded.  The rolling hills waving in grain and wildflowers filled my soul and I wanted to create a collection that shared these prairie florals and their special meanings.  

The collection showcases twelve prairie flowers with their meanings, such as Queen Anne's Lace for Devoted Love and the lovely Coneflower which means Abundant Blessings.  I thought I had a favorite, but after painting each one I honestly can say I love them all.   Each month's flower is painted or kitted for a 16" planked hexagon!  The shapes and colors are amazing together.

In the coming month's we will be adding our Belle Prairie Quilt to the collection, as well as many embroidery and wool projects with these adorable flowers.  There are a few other Belle Prairie surprises which I will keep to my heart for now.

I hope you love this collection as much as I do.  It has been months and months in preparation and I can honestly say it is more than what I imagined.  We are heading to Belle Prairie in a few weeks to photograph this beauty on the plains of Nebraska where it all came from.  It will be a special moment for me and I can't wait to share it with you.  For now though, we hope you will want to paint, sew, and stitch the florals of Belle along with us this year.

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