Blooming Bees Ribbon Embroidery

Our newest ribbon embroidery sampler is here!  You all know how much I love hand embroidery of all kinds, but I do have to say that my absolute favorite in the timeless art of ribbon embroidery.  The texture and richness of color you get by hand stitching silk ribbons into florals and leaves is incomparable to any other embroidery.   

Just look at those woven roses and feathered leaves!  The way a ribbon turns through a needle and fabric is so close to the arch in a real flower and honestly it is fairly simple to learn.   This Thursday I will be teaching two Beginning Ribbon Embroidery workshops at the USU Sewing and Textile Conference.  I am so excited to share this art with educators who will then share it with their students.  We will be sharing this workshop throughout this year in several places so keep an eye out for upcoming dates.

Until then, we have these finished Blooming Bee Samplers in Our Shop as well as kits for making one yourself.  Each kit comes with everything you need to make one of these hoops as well as link to our online tutorials, so even if you can't make it to our hands on workshops, you can follow along and learn what you need to.  

So, whether you want a Tweetle Dee Ribbon Embroidery Hoop Sampler or a DIY Kit we have you covered.  Also, our Spring 25% Sale is still going through March 16th!!!  Use code SPRING at checkout to get 25% off everything on our site.  Happy stitching, painting, or whatever you like to do.  

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