Wild Flower Hoop Art Embroidery

New to the shop this week are two floral embroidery hoops and kits which are so gorgeous and springy!  The Wild Pansy and the Willow and Rose Hoop Art Embroideries are now offered two ways, as a finished piece and as a kit and they are in The Shop.   So whether you want to make your own or purchase a finished hoop the you can choose.  So many of you have asked for the options and we are thrilled to offer them to you.

The Wild Pansy is hand embroidered on a piece of vintage linen that I was blessed to find from my husband's grandmother's quilt shop.  She passed away and left her fabrics in storage.  As the family was deciding whether to toss it or not, they asked if I wanted it and of course I was thrilled to have it.  It was two huge bolts of this gorgeous off white linen weave.  I love to stitch on it because it is holds all of my stitches on the top and they always look gorgeous.  

Our kits include a piece of this cherished linen, a wood hoop, scissors, floss, needle, our stitching guide and a link to a tutorial for how to embroider each stitch.  I love to include a variety of flosses and tools so you can try something new with each kit.

If you want one already embroidered, our hoops come framed in a stained hoop with the back sealed to display in a stand on to hang.  Each piece is signed and dated and one of a kind.  

Willow and Rose Hoop Art Embroidery

 Wild Pansy Hoop Art Embroidery

We are so excited to offer these two new hoops to our growing collection of Hoop Art Embroidery.  If you are interested in attending one of our workshops we have a bunch of them coming this year.  Two at our home in Woodland Hills where you will learn how to paint a barn quilt and how to embroider your own hoop in one fabulous day.  We are also teaching our workshops at each of the Pinners Conferences around the country this year. Those dates and registrations are open and can be found on their site.

We hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy each new day.  If you have any questions about upcoming events, please email me at tweetledeedesignco@gmail.com.


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