Mini Barn Quilts

We are so excited to share our newest product at Tweetle Dee!  You have asked for mini barn quilts and they are here.  We are so excited about these Mini Barn Quilt Sets.  We choose three simple classic patterns with four beautiful colors that will fit into any farmhouse style home.

Each Mini Barn Quilt is planked, hand painted, sealed and framed in a solid wood stained frame.  They come in sets of three and individually too.  They are solid enough to stand alone on a shelf or they can be hung on a wall as part of a collection.  

Mini Ohio Star Barn Quilt

Mini Barn Quilt Block Set in Rose

Mini Hidden Star Barn Quilt

Mini Barn Quilt Block Set in Black

Mini Sawtooth Star Barn Quilt

Mini Barn Quilt Block Set in Grey

 We thank you for asking for these mini's!  They have been so fun to make and paint...I love them!  Now if I could get the Texas Star into a mini I would be doing cartwheels.  Maybe later this year.  We have new products coming throughout this spring and we are excited to have new friends come along with our Tweetle Dee journey.  Bless you all for your continued love and support.  We hope you love these Mini Barn Quilt Sets as much as we do.

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