Feathered Star Barn Quilt

Once in a blue moon a barn quilt will take me breath away...and this one has done it!  Introducing the newest pattern in our collections the Feathered Star Barn Quilt.  

Let me tell you what I love about this pattern.  The tiny pieces, the angles, the center star...the rounded angels surrounding the star.  I am smitten!  Then add the colors.  Seriously, a deep denim blue, gold, olive green, mango, violet, and nantucket blue.  All of these framed in a stained and distressed frame!!!  

This beauty has been added to our shop and as always, we can paint them in any color of your choosing.  We have several other color and pattern combinations in the works for this pattern and can't wait to paint it over and over again.  

Our shop has free shipping through February 4th!  This goes for anything and everything in the shop including furniture and our big customs.  Just use code FREESHIPPING at checkout.  

We hope you love this pattern as much as we do.  It has inspired me and I hope it does you too.

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