Blue Willow Broken Dishes Barn Quilt

When I was fifteen I went to my first estate sale in New York.  It was an old farmhouse and I loved sifting through old stuff even then.  I bought three candle sticks wood (still have them) and a set of Blue Willow Dishes.  In all my moves across country,  I kept them in a trunk waiting for the day I could use them in my own home.  

Blue Willow Broken Dishes Barn Quilt

January's quilt of the month is Broken Dishes.  We've sewn is in red and pink, painted it in our Prairie Paints Rooster Red and the new Geranium Petals, and now we have a beautiful blue version.  To release the newest color way we of course had to release the new Blue Willow color which is perfectly fresh and deep in true blue.  Inspired by the old China pattern we all love.

We also added a kit with the newest blues so you can paint your own Blue Willow Broken Dishes Barn Quilt.  Our kits come in two sizes and with brushes and paint and a pre-printed design on a beautiful framed ready to paint barn quilt board.

These kits make easy fun of painting barn quilts and make great gifts too.  We just shipped a set off to a group of friends for a paint day.  Speaking of our Broken Dishes Paint Along, we will be painting a Broken Dishes live on IG this Saturday at 10:00 MST.  Join us and watch the fun!  

For this pattern, barn quilt and kit, be sure to visit Our Shop this week and use code Lucky to save 20% off on your order.  

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