Farmer's Wife Barn Quilt

One of my favorite designs I have ever made was the Farmer's Wife.  You all know how much I love the Farmer's Daughter and how much I relate to being a farmer's daughter, but I'm also a farmer's wife. I sat down with pencil and paper and graphed out a similar design to the Farmer's Daughter and fell in love with this simple pattern, The Farmer's Wife.

The cross bars represent the anchor that a woman is to those around her with the small color design in the center being her heart.   The points of the design are directed outward to represent the many ways we as women give and share.  

My life is richly blessed by the farmer's wives in my family tree.  Both of my parents came from farm families in upstate New York.  They were equals to their husbands in family life, farming and in business.  I was taught their stories and always saw women as strong and tender, creative and giving.  I am so thankful for their examples to me and my children.  I have raised six daughters of my own and though our little homestead on the mountain is far from the huge life on a large dairy or potato farm,  they were taught those same values and I am so proud of the women they are.  

The barn quilt design of the The Farmer's Wife will soon be available as a fabric quilt pattern.  For now, it is available for purchase In The Shop as a ready to hang barn quilt, a DIY barn quilt kit and as a pattern.  

I hope you enjoy this design and use it as a tribute to the women in your life.

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