Old Mill Barn Quilt

With the turning of steel and wood cogs the Old Mill along the river would turn little grains into sacks of beautiful flour, long stalks into oats and anything cracked was much tastier after it's time at the mill.   Our newest barn quilt is and original design, inspired by the elements of the cogs and wheels that turned in unison.  

The Old Mill Barn Quilt is new in The Shop today.  There are four sizes of the framed barn quilt ready to come to your home.  Each of our barn quilts are hand painted with our exclusive Prairie Paints, on reclaimed wood and then framed in walnut stained wood.  Finally they are sealed so they will stay beautiful for years to come whether you hang them inside or out.

The Old Mill Barn Quilt pattern is also available on in our shop along with a Old Mill Barn Quilt Kit with everything you need to paint a 24" barn quilt of your own.  I love this pattern and can't wait to sew this one into a big beautiful quilt.  So, watch for that to come soon.  

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We hope you love this Old Mill design as much as we do!  There is just something fabulous about simple lines and subdued colors.  The sample above was painted in our Prairie Paints Old Crow, Pigeon Cove, and Homestead White.

Many Blessings!

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