Winter Village Wood Set

With the winter snows upon us, we wanted to create a little frosted Winter Village to warm our hearts this season.  Most of December we are in our shop with Santa hats on making barn quilts, angels, and stars for our customers, but when night comes we get a little creative with the scraps left behind.   A few ends and shims, a couple of sawtooth nails and a darling little Winter Village was built.

The first thing we did was chop the wood into the shapes of houses and then painted them with a light coat of our Prairie Paints Homestead White.  Once the paint was dry, we took a hand held sander and scuffed the fronts and edges to give the houses a wintery snow drifted look.  If you don't have an electric sander, you can use a heavy grit sander.

Next we found some wood shims and cut them to the size of doors.  It was fun to alter the heights so they weren't all the same.  You know we're all about character.  I heated the old glue gun and glued the shims in place.  

To add winter night windows, I drew on little squares in random spaces, with attention to make them off center and slanted.  After they were drawn in place, I took a small brush and painted them in with our Prairie Paints Old Crow.  I let them dry.

For the details I used a white Sharpie pen.  Again, I drew little window panes inside of the black area with off-center whimsy.  I think this whimsy may become my new word!

Every home needs a roof and we made these roofs with the ends of the wood shims that we cut for the doors.  I glued them onto the pointed tops of the wood blocks with off set points again to give the homes a little character and whimsy.

To make the darling chimneys, we used a small hammer to pound in sawtooth nails that you can find at most large home supply centers.  A few medium strength taps and they were in place.  

Again we made the placement of each chimney different on each house.  One went in straight and the other two were pounded in at an angle to give it the look of an old little cottage.

Aren't those houses so cute!  I want to live in them all winter long.  You can see that each one is unique and very simple in style.  With this project simple is best.

Now for the trees!  We used scraps of the cedar that we make our barn quilts from. and cut them in varying heights with sharp points to make them look like they are reaching for those winter stars.

Using our Prairie Paints Homestead White and a small round sponge brush that I found at a local craft supply store I doted the snowballs onto the trees.  You could paint in random patterns, but I wanted mine to slope  in a faint line to look like each snow ball had landed on the sweeping limbs of the pine trees.

This was one of the most fun parts of this Winter Village.  Making those trees come to life was easy and sweet.

And there you have it, a perfect little Winter Village Set made from materials we had in our wood shop.  We loved them so much, we added DIY Winter Village Kits to Our Shop for you to purchase.  The kits contain everything you need to make your own village.  

If you are wanting to purchase a set already made we have them ready for you to purchase all ready frosted and ready to display on your mantle or side table.  They will stay with you though out the long frosty winter.  You can also catch us today on KUTV Fresh Living talking about these darling sets.  Tune in at 1:00.  

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