Hive & Home Barn Quilt

Our newest barn quilt in the Whatsoever Ye Sow Collection for 2020 is so darling!  I love bees.  Maybe it came from my nickname A-bee.  It seems every year I receive a bee hive or piece of jewelry with bees on it.  My husband says it is because I am always busy as a bee.  I know you will love this Hive & Home Barn Quilt no matter your level of obsession with the little yellow and black cuties.

This gorgeous barn quilt it sealed for indoor or outdoor display.  Can you imagine it in a solarium or garden shed?  I just may need my hubby to build me one this spring.  I am in the process of entering the artwork for this quilt into my digital world to create a fabric quilt as well.   So, watch for it and the other Whatsoever Ye Sow Barn Quilts coming this year from our Tweetle Dee Shop.

I'm hanging this one out by the garden door in hopes that we get more sunshine and less snow.  I'm dying for those flowers to bloom and this may just bring them out.  

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