He Loves Me Wire Embroidery

Our newest Wire Embroidery floral piece, He Loves Me,  is in The Shop and in our hearts today.  It is a simple spring wreath with daisies and buds dotting the leaves.  I love this design and the two toned florals, but more than the fresh spring colors I am in love with the name of this pattern.

He Loves Me Wire Embroidery

I named this He Loves Me for two meanings.  First, the darling game we all played as children picking the petals off of daisies chanting the phrase, "He loves me, he loves me not."  Hoping to know is our crush liked us too!  The second reason I named it He Loves Me, was because I can't look at a flower without feeling a little love from heaven above.

We have both kits and finished pieces available in The Shop & there is a big sale going now through Sunday with 20% off all Tweetle Dee products, including barn quilts.  I will be posting a few videos on the Tweetle Dee You Tube Channel of how to create the wreath which will help you as you create this sweet little wire embroidery.  

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