Flourish Embroidery Daisy and Bachelor Buttons

This is the year to "Flourish" and we are so in love with these Flourish Floral wildflowers!  These are simple traditional embroidery patterns that are free for you to download and enjoy.  Each one has a special meaning and goes with the month it is shared.

If you want to follow along with me as I stitch them, I will share the floss numbers and stitches.  I am stitching mine onto a 18" stained wood quilting hop on chambray.  I divided the circle into 12 "pie" shapes for each flower to nestle in.  In the center I embroidered a Woven Rose and some simple vines to tie the sections together.

The two months I have for you to start are January and February.  The January flower is the Daisy.  The Daisy symbolizes hope, which I think we all need to start off a new year.  Hope for all good things to come our way.  To download the picture, right click over the image and print.  

Flourish Embroidery Daisy

To transfer onto the fabric, use a Pilot Frixion Pen or a pencil to trace the design to the fabric.  If you need a few pointers go over to the Tweetle Dee You Tube Channel and watch the short video on how to transfer a design to fabric.

The stitches for the Daisy are the Stem Stitch, Satin Stitch and French Knot.  All of these stitches are on the Tweetle Dee You Tube Channel.

The Flourishing Floral Wildflower for February is the Bachelor Button which symbolizes love.  I loved the story of this flower where it was worn by bachelors who were looking for love or who had found a sweetheart and were in the courting phase.  If the flower drooped then the relationship was losing life.  I found it amusing to think of a town of young men walking around wearing this flower hoping to find love.

Flourish Floral Bachelor Buttons 

The stitches for this flower are the Stem Stitch, the Satin Stitch and a large Lazy Daisy.  I used Wonderfill's Eleganza twisted floss for these petals to give them extra fullness with the Lazy Daisy being so large.  If you can't locate some of those yummy flosses, you can use a full six strands of DMC or a Pearl Cotton #8.

I hope you enjoy this stitching journey with us this year and please share your embroideries with us by tagging me at @tweetledeedesignco on Instagram.

Happy Stitching!

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  1. I recently found your blog from Instagram. Thank you for the January/February flower patterns! It's been years since I've stitched/embroidered but am excited to start again! Also, I love your wood quilt creations. Beautiful!



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