My Favorite Birthday Surprise

Last week was my 47th birthday! I wouldn't be this excited for another birthday...except for my weird quirk of saying I'm a year older than I am, and this year I have really thought I was going to be 48 until my husband reminded me I'm only 47!!!  Besides being a year younger than I thought I was.

My favorite birthday surprise came in an old box and wrapped in layers of old tissue paper.  My husband knows I love dark, old, antique quilts and was wanting to hang one on my wall in the living room.  I do most of my antique shopping for events and myself on Ebay....and this time he scored a treasure.

This velvet quilt has made in the 1880's and was probably in someones do to pile and then discovered in someones attic.  Because it was unfinished and the threads were worn, the opening bid was $25.00.  He won't tell me what the final bid was...but it wasn't much more than the opening bid.

The entire piece was hand stitched together and has the most vibrant colors I've seen in velvet.  I was beyond trilled... (I just about did a cartwheel)!  

We really debated on whether to frame it or to finish it off, but because a few of the center blocks were thread worn...we decided to unpick the center seam and have the pieces framed.

I love Ebay...and my husband!!!  I collect anything old and especially hand made items.  I am so happy to have given this old quilt, which was obviously put together with great care in my home.  I have since checked Ebay for other unfinished antique quilts and have found numerous quilts and quilt blocks for dirt cheap...all of them waiting to me reused or finished.

I think I have found my new hobby!  Go check out Ebay and see what treasure you find.  (I'm currently bidding on antique ice skates for a secret project in the works)

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