Deseret Drifter Floral Embroidery

We are so excited to share with you our newest hoop-art embroidery pattern, The Deseret Drifter Floral Embroidery Sampler.  The Deseret is a term we hear in the west often.  It is associated with the values of hard work, perseverance, inspired vision and strength.  The name of this pattern, the Deseret Drifter came to me one night as I was journaling.

I love reality journals, you know the journals we scribble our hopes and goals into, our honest failures and glimpses of the paths we trudge along to a better way.  The word "drifter" gives me the image of someone who is trying to stay on a path, but often walks through other "creative" paths.  I am for sure a drifter.  I can never stay on one straight or sure path at a time.  As much as I can imagine and dream, so many different paths call to me.  

I trust myself and the paths I drift to.  I have had to learn to trust myself in the absence of parents or stable guides.  I am a Deseret Drifter.  I love to dream inspired visions and I love to work along with my husband to see them happen.  Some do and sometimes the path changes along the way.  No matter where we drift with trust in ourselves, each other and God, we always find a more beautiful dream than what we had hoped for. 

This design turns and twist with florals, all perfectly wild.  The two hearts in the center pointing together represent our hearts pointing towards hope together.  The moon is for our dreams and the stars give us direction, both in perfect balance.  

All of the stitches in this hoop-art piece are simple, yet varied slightly to bring extra texture and color to the stems and leaves.  All of the stitches are in our stitching guide included in the pattern and many of the stitches can be found on our YouTube channel.  

You can purchase the pattern as a PDF or as a color print ready to ship.  Also in the shop are full kits of the Deseret Drifter Floral Embroidery Sampler.  Each of the kits comes with everything you need to make this sampler as well as an unfinished ready to paint Hoop Art Box Frame.  We love these Hoop Art Boxes!  They hold your embroidery stitch in the hoop for perfect display of your embroidered piece.

Happy stitching and dreaming & drifting!  

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