Prairie Christmas Trees and Friends

Most of you know we flip houses in our family....lots of houses.  This year has been a record year for the number of old homes we have tackled and our last one just closed.  Which means the best of all the old doors, windows, knobs and trim have made their way to the Tweetle Dee storage building.  We were going though it the other day and I asked Mike if he would make some trees for my front porch that I could paint with our soon to release Prairie Paints.

Well, not only did he make a few...he made over 30 of them in all different sizes.  I love, love, love that he trimmed them in walnut and made their stands to interlock so they fit together as a grove.  But, the thing I love the most about them is the angles he cut them at to show off the moldings and door knob holes.  Seriously so cute!  They come in four sizes from 50" tall to 24" tall and, come in four colors (white, pink, light green, and dark green).  Don't delay in getting them because they will go quickly.  

Along with our Prairie Christmas Trees we also have new to our shop Fred the Snowman!  He is a dear friend of Frosty's and ours.  He loves the snow and all the fun it brings.  He stands 24" tall and is pieced with so many hand carved embellishments and ohhh, that scarf!  Crackled paint and all, he is a darling that will be with you from first snowfall to the hint of spring.

Have a fabulous Merry weekend!

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