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We woke up this morning to crisp air and a momma deer on our back steps searching for breakfast, which for anyone in the mountains means it's fall.  We are exuberant this year to have fall come and to be home, in our home, where last year we were sleeping in our daughter's guest room and praying continually that our community would be spared from a wall of fire.  We spent all of September away from our home which makes this season, this year even more abundant.  Which make our next Flourish Botanical "sew" extra special.  

This month is the deeply blue little wonder of the field, the Coneflower.   This annual little button of blue is gives a burst of color to our Flourish Botanical Embroidery Collection.  Originating in England and spreading to Australia and around the globe, we all enjoy it's summer grace.

The Coneflower symbolizes abundance.  It was a gift to show compassion to those who had lost much through war.  In fact through WWI and WWII the only flower to survive the trenching and bombs was the Cornflower.   Which is why it was used as boutonnieres for veterans during parades.  I remember them on the lapels of the aged soldiers, decorated in their patriotic colors.  Though I didn't know the significance of the airy little blue petals, I loved to gather them up from the picnic tables in the park after the festivities were finished.

The Cornflower is a simple symbol of the abundant gifts we can find even through loss and the sustaining blessings we keep.  It is also, a simple stitch to add to your collection.  To print the pattern simply right click on ink image at the end of this post and print to your printer.  Trace the pattern onto your fabric with Frixion Pen.

The stitches are a simple woven back stitch, a few french knots for the centers of the flower and the thick straight stitches to make the layered blue petals.  Begin with stitching the stems, then the leaves, then the petals, the light blue center and then finish with a few french knots in the center.

Use simple ECRU thread to stitch the "abundance" and use a little steam over the design to remove the pen lines that may show.  All of the stitches are available on the Tweetle Dee You Tube Channel for you to review.

I know you will enjoy this little pop of blue to your Flourish Garden!  The next one will be available the first of October so get your blues out and stitch this sweet little "abundant" flower this week and remember to look for the abundant blessings in your own life.  We love you all and count you as one of ours.

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