Pom Pom Poof Wreath

Today's post is all about the the Pom Pom Poof.  Yes, the chunky yarn pom pom's that we made as kids, but now they are all grown up!  With Valentine's Day just around the corner, these Pom Pom Poof's are the perfect little bit of soft fluff to bring a little pretty love to your home.

The great news is they only take a few items and are low cost and best of all..easy to make!  To get ready, you want to gather some yarn.  I love to use chunky creams and light pinks.  Texture is where it is at!  You will need a pair of scissors and a small winding form (a plastic container lid, cardboard, chunk of wood, or your fingers).  If you are wanting to make a wreath, you can find the forms in the floral supply section of your local craft supply store.  


Chunky Yarn
Winding Form
Wreath Form
Floral Sticks
Hot Glue
Silk Green Stems (optional)

To begin making a Pom Pom Poof, you take the end of the yarn and begin to wrap it around the form or your fingers.  The larger the form, the larger the poof.  Wrap around many times until it is thick like the picture above.  The more you wrap, the thicker the poof.  If you want to add a special wrap of extra color or texture to two-tone your poof, simply cut off the first yarn and wrap the new color on the same way until you've added an extra burst of color.  If you find variegated colored have the perfect solution to extra two or three-toned poofs. 

Once you have it as thick as you want, cut the string leaving a 8 inch tail.  Cut a second string about 8 to 10 inches long.  Slip the string under the top layer of the wrapped string until it is centered.  Tie the cut piece in a double or triple knot around the top layer of the wrapped yarn.  Flip the winding form over and with a pair of scissors cut all of the strings apart.  Fluff.

Using your scissors trim the strings to the length you want the poof.  I usually trim off a half inch to even the strings and then I tip the poof upside down to layer the yarn pieces on the sides of the ball to give it a rounded look.  Remember these are more like Poofs and not perfectly smooth tight round pom's like you would have made as a kid.

To make the wreath, take your form and lay out your Pom Pom Poofs, mixing in different textures and colors.  using the long tie piece you used to secure your Pom Pom Poof before cutting, tie onto the form you have.  Fill it in all the way around once time, and then go back a second or third time to fill in and give a variety of length, texture and color!

To make the Pom Pom Poof Flowers, make your poofs and use hot glue to attach them to a flower stem which can be found in the floral section of your craft supply store.  Fluff and place in a vase.  Add a little greenery or a bunch of candies (in a clear vase)...however you use them, they are darling!

To make a garland, I used the chunkiest of yarn and braided a rope to attach my poofs to.  Tie on and fluff...hang and enjoy!  Their is no limit to how you can use these for birthdays, holidays, or a special spot in your home.  I'm going to hang my wreath in my master bath until summer.

To watch the full tutorial on how to make these Pom Pom Poof go to KUTV Fresh Living and watch today's segment OR go to my You Tube Channel and watch the video next week.

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