Felt Ball Christmas Projects

You all know I have an obsession with wool.  I love to stitch with it, on it and use those colorful wool ball garlands anywhere I need a pop of colorful fun.  They are even on my logo.  Let's just say I love wool ball garlands!  So, this Christmas I am so excited to see them popping up all over.  It may just be the biggest trend for holiday decorating in like forever.  No just kidding, but not.

These cute little balls can be used in so many ways.   I love the ball garlands, but they are also fun as an embellishment on wreaths, stockings, blankets, well just about anything.  They are so easy and fun to make, but if you want to purchase them ready made they can be found on Amazon , Michaels , or handmade shops.  They run about $5 for a dozen.  

They come in every color and neutrals too.  To create a wool ball string you use regular embroidery string and a needle and sting them just like you would a popcorn string.  I have several strings on our big family tree and over our mantle.  I even purchased colors for our bedroom tree and mantle...I guess I can't get enough of them.

To make the wool balls you will need:

Hot Water
Liquid Dish Soap
Wool Roving

All of the items are easy to find, except the wool roving.  Some craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Michael's have it, but if you can't find it there you can pick up a roving kit with tons of colors on Amazon for about $14.00...enough to make 40+ balls.

Wool roving looks like soft wool or cotton candy, which ever you prefer.  To begin spread the wool roving out and stretch it apart very lightly so that there aren't any clumps.

Once the wool is spread out, roll it into a soft ball and dip into hot soapy water.  With the wool ball wet, begin rolling the ball with both hands.

It will begin to form a ball as you rub your hands together.  As the wool cools dip it in the hot water again to keep the wool felting into a ball.

After the wool ball forms let dry.  It takes a little while to dry and then it can be used in a lot of different ways.  To watch how it is done you can find a video clip from Fresh Living which aired last week.  We hope you have a little merry fun this season and enjoy making and decorating with these darling little balls of wool!

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