Double Churn Dash Barn Quilt

This summer I had an order from a dear customer to create a Double Churn Dash barn quilt for her barn in Park City, Utah.  I jumped at the chance to paint this classic quilt pattern for her.  She was very specific about the colors and the design for two Churn Dash's inside of one another.

We built the board to her request and started the layout and painting.  It took a few days, but we just fell in love with it and she did too.  She sent me a picture of her hanging it on her barn with her granddaughters looking on as she explained her love of this block.

It tugged at my heart strings to see her there with her "girls" sharing something she loved with them.  It reminded me of my own grandmother and how she would pass good things onto us, always sharing something fun.  

I love this pattern so much I am working on a few different color combinations and will soon have the pattern in Our Shop.  We are taking orders for this beaute and as always custom colors and sizes are welcome!  Happy weekend y'all.



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