Stained Ship Lap Saturday

I have been waiting for this past Saturday for months.  It was the Saturday we planned to add a ship lap to our walls.  We debated the style and color choices for weeks until we found this gorgeous pine at our local Home Depot.  It took us six hours and about $225.00 to create this gorgeous wall.

We bought a little more than what we needed.  Stained each board in Weathered Oak to get the grey coloring to come out of the wood, moved the furniture and began to shoot each piece to the white plaster wall.  I am so in love with this room now.  It is my favorite corner in my home.

We have styled the corner in two different ways as a challenge from Kings Ranch, an amazing supplier of boots, saddles, and all things western.  The first was to bring the room together with my favorite leather chair, an antique marble topped bureau, and my husband's reproduction stereo.   I added my great grandfather's books set off with my favorite pair of western wear booties and a few cobs of corn from the 1836 homestead in New York. 

The old windmill light is so fun up on this ship lapped wall.  I love the textures and color in this room.

The second room style had my vintage wool Afghan draped over the horse chair, two antique oil lanterns, the heirloom books and cowgirl booties, and of course the wall had to have one of our colorful barn quilts.  For this wall I choose the Black Chinese Fan.  The colors jumped on this ship lapped wall and brought the colors of the Afghan and the antique milk can together like each piece was a long lost family member.

We will be posting a step by step tutorial for the Stained Ship Lapped Wall on our You Tube channel soon.  It was so easy to do and makes such an impact in this tiny little space.  I can honestly say this is my favorite corner of my home.  For other ideas on how to incorporate western design into your home check out the Kings Ranch Saddle Shop.  They have so many gorgeous boots, I know I'll be choosing another pair soon.

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